Thumbs Up/Down: 12th-18th May 08

Catch the weekly twists and turns in the serials brought about to capture its audience. A thumbs up where the audience likes the track a thumbs down where it fails to meet the expectations!!

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down - A weekly column in our News Hub - Telly Buzz that will give the latest twists and turns in the serials brought about to capture its' audience. A thumbs up is where the audience likes the track and a thumbs down is where it fails to meet the expectations...

Thumbs Up

Dill Mill Gayye: The show had an interesting start this week, with Armaan Ridhima's nehle pe Delhla fight and the famous cake fight, which was hilarious and fun to watch...The poor Guys were suspended and Girls were asked to go to Lonavala and work there, guys being guys wanted to make it equal with girls and as a result make a plan to transform themselves into girls to have a trip to Lonavala... Now the fans are more excited to tune in next week to watch the role reversal. As we said earlier the show just gets better and better!!

Sapna Babul Ka ..Bidaai: This show is sure a full package of entertainment value. What thrilled the audiences over the last two weeks was when in the reception, Ranvir arrives with his girl-friend Sonia, leaving Sadhna stunned. And adding to her woes was a confession of Ranvir where he claimed that Ragini could never be his choice. But on the bright side we also saw that Sadhna realizes her responsibilities towards Alekh and it was glad to see that Vasu accepted Sadhna as her proper choice for Alekh. Overall a fantastic entertainment throughout was what we got from the makers of the show.

Angrezi Main Kehte Hain: The show is really good... For beginners who are weak in English or have many gramatical confusions or who think the language to be difficult to learn, this show makes it simpler..The concept and execution both are just too good...

Mere Apne: Aditya is finally back just before the tikka ceremony takes place... The enemies plan is foiled and Aditya manages to reach home right on time.. The difference between both the brothers Shankar and Aditya finally get resolved, even the misunderstanding between them is sorted out...The show is going back on track... and keeping the viewers glued in...

Babul ka Aangan Chootey Naa:Slowly and steadily this show has started catching the eyeballs of the viewers. This week we saw finally that there is no love lost between Shubh and Aastha as Shubh decides to be with Aastha and for that he doesnt mind leaving the house as well, this was a well refreshing change. Also the secret of the Teesri Manzil is partly revealed to the viewers. Now in the coming weeks it should be gripping with the secret getting revealed completely out and of course to spice up the performance of Rahil Azam playing a dual personality will be a worth watch.

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Thumbs Down

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi: Now we dont know where this show is heading to. The entire week we had hits and misses between Mihir and the real Tulsi. We had hoped that Shobha after seeing her original mother in the accident will bring her back home but in vain, instead we saw that she was being easily convinced by her own members that she might have seen somebody else in place of her, now thats a height of unlimited wickedness for the viewers. We feel that there would be a close call whether we would be deciding whether we are actually fools to watch this show for over 8 years now?
Solhah Singaar: An imposter wears Shagun's mask and kills her husband, moreever the real Shagun is kidnapped by her so called brother in law... The show is going down the drains and creatives need to pull up their socks to get back the viewers attention.
Sangam: Nothing seems going right for this show. Sagars hatred towards Ganga is increasing by no bounds. And Ganga being a dutiful woman is not revealing the truth to Sagar since she wants him to get married to Kaveri. And now we are also blessed with the third angle of the story in the name of Rahul Mehra. We just hope that the things get sorted out soon enough and the story would be back on track otherwise it will not be too late for this show to come across the fate of Meri Awaz ko Mil Gayi Roshni by the same makers.Kasamh Se: How many children can Mr. Jai Walia ever have in his life? And how can he live with the killer of his children for more than 16 years? This is the most uncertain question India wouldnt answer as it would be a shame to answer the same. Bani is back with the new identity and face called Pronita but she doesnt remember her past and assumes that Jai Walia is the killer of Bani and thats why to know more about it she is back to her place to know the truth. Also Ganga the daughter of Bani has been shown as a rebel playing a decent girl on the other side of the coin. Now this is very hard to digest for the viewers who have witnessed the journey of Bani with a close watch. Unfortunately the show is losing its own grip created some months back.

Simply Sapney: The show was a journey of four friends, with the track getting monotonous and doors are getting opened for people misunderstanding Krithi more... We had enough ofcomplications already... This is not going good for the show, already the show was not able to attract/draw attention of the audience but the turtle speed and increasing confusions in the show its loosing the loyal viwers which it had...It needs a twist or a makeover for moving upwards.
Please note:There are lot of shows and we have to give fair chance to all the shows,hence every week shows are selected based on selective criteria ..The views expressed are solely by the author.


Author: Shagun, *Resham*

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Comments (36)

I totally agree in how the direction of the show is going. i hope soon that bani would regain her place and fight back HAARRD.

15 years ago

totally agree with's going nowhere

DMG lol...that's funny

15 years ago

KS deserves to be in thumbs down
BMTD shood be here w/ the reunion of Amar and Divya

15 years ago

very nice DMG deserves it but it will never be the same without Karan and shilpa. hope she doesnt leave :-(

15 years ago

good to see BKACN in thumbs up list...the show promises to be interesting in the coming weeks with rahil azam as dual persona

15 years ago

yea!!! dmg rocks its always been the best and why won't it be? i can't wait for nxt week and yea its true this show just keeps getting better and better!

15 years ago

Kyunki deserves the Thumbs Down big time.The show keeps letting down its loyal viewers more & more everyday :-( :-( :-(

15 years ago

dmg is gr8.

but i think kyunki is actually getting better. since i find the mihir & tulsi track good :)

15 years ago

dil mil gaye!! U'll never see a more awesome show than this... Oh god kasam se kya tha aur kya hogaya... Used to be the cutest love story ever n now its all gone I used to love this show so much n now I can't even sit through five mins of it... But dil mil gaye makes up for that 1000 times over!!!!! I'm telling u its gonna just keep getting better I'm not that worried about shilpa's exit affecting it altho I seriously dont want her to go:'(

15 years ago

Yay! Once Again DMG manages to get Thumbs Up!Its the best!Still sad over Shilpa leaving but atleast it got thumbs u!KS and KSG Rock!DMG IS THE BEST!


15 years ago

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