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Catch the weekly twists and turns in the serials brought about to capture its audience. A thumbs up where the audience likes the track a thumbs down where it fails to meet the expectations!!

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down - A weekly column in our News Hub - Telly Buzz that will give the latest twists and turns in the serials brought about to capture its' audience. A thumbs up is where the audience likes the track and a thumbs down is where it fails to meet the expectations...

Thumbs Up

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Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil: Heer & Prem are surely the eyeballs of the audiences. Even their slightest scene takes the cake. This week the romance between both of these protagonists started taking the front seat. And the show has successfully managed to grab the interest, and we hope it continues even further. We just hope that it doesn’t turn up being mediocre after a good start. But well, as of now enjoy the chemistry of Heer & Prem.
Kya Dill Main Hain: Anurag/Rahul didn't like the fact that Kakoon had left the house. At one end where Kaushalya was exposed in front of Kakoon and Aman showing the so called "mother" her real place and asking her to tell the truth as to who planted the plan, at the other end Aman and Kakoon are shocked to see Kakoon's Mami involved in the plan. Rahul who follows Naina is the only one who knows Naina is behind the Master Plan..His sympathy has grown for Kakoon...Audience are waiting for Rahul and Kakoon to unite... and also applauding the character of Aman who has been Kakoon's support system..The show is getting better as each week passes by....
Jasuben Jayantilal Joshi Ki Joint Family: Another JD show which has all the elements to make the viewers hooked. The story taken in the outskirts of Gujrat which depicts the way Jassuben and Jayantilal take care of their family of 30 Members is indeed interesting to watch. The Humor element along with the strength of relationship between the family is beautifully shown. This week showed the fight between the two brothers Chandarakant and Dharmesh, yet they both missed each other... Where in Chandrakant is angry and he has not forgiven Dharmesh and Dharmesh has got advice from Jassuben to now make his elder brother realize his mistake. But the beauty is inspite of the fact there is a rift between both brothers, the love between the brothers can be seen clearly!!

Kuch Is Tarah: At least for this week this show comes here. The show which started out on a spicier note is right now focusing too much on jealousy tracks. At First Kanya and Chunnu's closeness makes Ranbir jealous, now Ranbir does the same by making Kanya jealous by having Archie near him. The audiences would like to see more of Ranbir-Kanya’s good chemistry, instead of the repetitive tracks. Even with the shortcomings in the track, it manages to hold the audience’s interest.

Teen Bahuraniyaan: Kajal's truth of her being married is out just when her marriage with Mahesh is taking place. The marriage is called off when Payal and Bindya show GKaka the proofs of Kajal's marriage and her pregnancy report. After a long time the show has picked up..However now the wait has begun to see love story of Payal and Mahesh.

Thumbs Down

Kasturi: First revenge track followed by a year leap, finally after all trails & tribulations when Robbie Kasturi unite, Raunak came back in their life to make things more complicated. All plans of Kastui to bring out Raunak's reality in front of everyone goes in vain. The fans want to see their favorite jodi Robbie Kasturi together but the unnecessary dragging & so called twists have not gone well with the audience & not happening at all.Kumkum: This show rules the afternoon band, without a doubt. But for the past two weeks, it is being dragged endlessly. Sumit left Sundernagar only to drift apart from Kumkum once again, and from thereon we are just managing to see the tracks which are family oriented. Everyone else is seen on the screen apart from Sumit-Kumkum getting back together. The show which had Sumit-Kumkum together in most of the frames now doesn’t have them together in any of the frames. C’mon creatives wake up and give us our Sumit-Kumkum’s chemistry back. We are waiting!!Kahani Ghar Ghar Kii: Once again Parvati was on a savior mission, again for Om Agarwal. At least for this past week the story hasn't moved much, again Om disappeared, again Parvati continued her saga of searching him, and finding him successfully. Rest to show we had Chotu and Gauri and Ashu and Shivangi. And now with Shruti coming back to seek revenge from Agarwals, are we leading to mother-daughter confrontation? Well let’s see and hope that we are not disappointed at least the next week!
Santaan: Karthik who had faith in his parents, has gone astray because of his wife Anu and her maternal relatives' evil conspiracy... The story is becoming monotonous, predictable and dull...The show needs a major positive twist for gaining back viewers' attention.

Meri Doli Tere Angana: After the main protagonist Ruhaan and Simran left the show and Ruhaan was replaced along with the entry of a totally new family, the viewers lost interest in the show. Presently, the show has nothing which is exciting...Finally Ruhaan/Aman and Sargam got married, but the complications have not ended, with Vedant turning evil and possessive for Sargam. This concept is not appreciated by the audience at all...

Please note:There are lot of shows and we have to give fair chance to all the shows,hence every week shows are selected based on selective criteria ..The views expressed are solely by the author.

Author:Shagun, Shruti, *Resham*

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Comments (14)

Kyunki should have been included in the Thumbs Down list.

15 years ago

So sad tht Kasturi got a Thumbs Down. The show has been rocking... but hope nxt time it comes up with a Thumbs Up.

15 years ago

kit & kdmhmd r doing really well i love both the shows..

15 years ago

yup I'm waiting for Sumit-KK to meet too!!

15 years ago

Kis rockinggg

Alll thanks to Prem

15 years ago

KYMT needed a thumbs down definitely.
goin by current track kymt will also deserve it in coming week.
kasturi definitely desrves it for torturing ROKA fans

15 years ago

I completely agree with KDMHMD and KDMH... both the shows are rocking... and i really hope it continues this way...

15 years ago

Only show I'm watching among the rated is Kuch Ish Tarah and frankly the show is now doomed. Just to correct, Kanya never used Chinmay to make Ranbir jeolous. She and Chinmay are childhood friends and they are always together so Ranbir starts getting jeolous..

15 years ago

wooww thanxx a lotttt 3 k-serialzzzz r THUMBZZ UPP!!!

15 years ago

yea definetly a thumbs down for meri doli tere angana, there is nothing left to watch after they switched the main leads, its like ur watching a completely different show.

15 years ago

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