Anupamaa: Aadhya, traumatized by the sighting of Anupama, panics and breaks down

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Aadhya faces an emotional breakdown after encountering Anupamaa.

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In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Yashpal inquires about the creator of the Masala tea, for which Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) takes responsibility. Yashpal signals a chef to bring the masala, and she recollects her brave act of rescuing just one bag from the goons. The chef complies, handing the masala to Yashpal, who, upon smelling it, wonders if there's more masala tea left. Anupama, unaware, breaks down, fearing eviction without her passport. Vikram intervenes, suggesting that Yashpal expresses his desires. Yashpal appreciates the aroma of Anupama's masala tea and announces it as the new standard. Grateful, Anupama promises to continue making it. Vikram informs Yashpal about Anupama's passport situation, and Yashpal grants permission for Vikram to accompany her during the break.

Meanwhile, Anuj shares Aadhya's racing victory on social media, inadvertently referring to her as "Choti Anu." A confused Shruti questions Anuj, who awkwardly corrects himself. Aadhya arrives, handing her trophy to Anuj, who praises her performance. Aadhya credits Shruti for her success, expressing a desire to become a businessman like her father. Shruti suggests celebrating at a restaurant, but Anuj hesitates due to his aversion to Indian food since returning from America. Despite this, they decide to go, with Shruti planning to introduce Anuj to Joshiben.

Back at the restaurant, Vikram offers money to Anupama for her passport errand. Despite initial reluctance, she accepts. Anuj and Shruti, coincidentally at the same restaurant, experience a strange vibe. As they enjoy masala tea, Aadhya spots Anupama outside, and Aadhya is taken aback.


Anuj and Shruti continue to enjoy their tea when Anuj senses a familiar taste reminiscent of Anupama's preparation. Aadhya, disturbed by the encounter with Anupama, rushes into the restaurant and seeks comfort from Anuj and Shruti. Anuj, troubled by the taste, tries to dismiss his thoughts. In another scenario, Dimple faces Vanraj's reprimand for going outside, leaving her upset.

Anuj confides in Shruti about feeling something abnormal and recalling past events. Aadhya, traumatized by the sighting of Anupama, panics and breaks down. Anuj, attempting to reassure her, realizes that a similar situation occurred when Anu left them. Shruti is concerned, and Anuj tries to push away troubling thoughts. 

Precap: Anupama encounters Aadhya, who expresses discomfort in the surroundings.

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Comments (2)

Seems like she still felt anupama left her
She hates anupama like anything. Sad to knw anuj never tried to heal her

5 months ago

AnupaMaid firse sabka jeena haraam karne aa gayi. Jogan banke baithi thi toh vahin rehti. She had a popular youtube channel as well. Kyun sabka maatha kharab karne nikli fir se

5 months ago

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