Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down : 2nd-8th July

Catch the weekly twists and turns in the serials brought about to capture its audience. A thumbs up where the audience likes the track and a thumbs down where it fails to meet the expectations...

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down - A weekly column in our News Hub - Telly Buzz that will give the latest twists and turns in the serials brought about to capture its' audience. A thumbs up is where the audience likes the track and a thumbs down is where it fails to meet the expectations. So watch out every week to see Aye and Naye By the Crazy Creatives.
Thumbs Up

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 Saath Phere: This serial has been consistent and have always managed to keep the viewers hooked inspite of Saloni being the only smart one in the show. Evil turned good Kooki Kaki is back in the house which will surely bring lot of fireworks in Saloni and her family’s lives.

 Comedy Circus: This show has turned out to be a nonstop laughing riot as the costume round has truly got us into splits.  Our dear II3 contestants Emon Chatterjee and the Natakbaaz Abhishek Kumar have truly added extra zing to the show. 

 Saas Bahu Aur Saazish: The show surely knows people pulse as its now capitalizing on Monsoon as this whole week was dedicated to Rains, they visited sets of Baa bahu aur baby , the water polo match between casts of Kahani and Kasamh se stars was refreshing and fun to watch and not to forget Ravi Kishen's chai .All in all a great week by Saas bahu aur saazish

 Teen Bahuraniya: Inspite of all the bickering and fights of this another saas-bahu serial this show till now is enjoyable. With Koki’s dad breaking family’s unity, it will be a treat to watch how the three adarsh Bahu with Babuji try to bridge the divided hearts. Will Fevicol help??

 Prithvi Raj Chahuan: This historic serial with Rajat Tokas as young Prithvi has bowled over all the viewers from round the world. But all good things come to an end. As the story moves ahead, grown up Prithvi will be soon introduced marking an end to the great acting of Rajat Tokas. A big round of applause to this young lad.

Thumbs Down
 Kayamath: Balaji has done it again.. Seperated two lovers. With Neev married to Ayesha both Prachi and the richest man in Turkey Miland is heartbroken. If you all are wondering how did Miland manage to become millionaire overnite, it is very simple. Ekta gifted Balaji’s share to her favorite actor.

 Kasturi: This time Balaji has not only broken hearts of two lovers but also of all Robbie-Kasturi fans who were hoping, praying that their favorite pair will unite. Kasturi’s reputation tarnished, love triangle introduced. Ekta sincere advice:  Stop making us believe that falling in love brings only pain and suffering.

 Banoo Main Teri Dulhan: The fear of falling TRP’s with Saagar’s recovery has actually come true. Viewers miss their playful Saagar and are disappointed that he cannot remember his lady love Vidya. Evil Sindoora manipulating the situation.  Shambunath please have some pity on Vidya!! Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi: Although this serial is coming back in track with Tulsi following Kurukshetra but its not too powerful and dramatic. One wonders what is the reason of sudden entry of cynical and eerie Mr. Thakral?  Can you sense another love triangle between Mihir-Tulsi-Thakral?? Virasat: Just when the things were under control with evil Rishabh Lamba in jail we see the sudden superfluous twist. Rahul Lamba throws himself from the cliff. Creative Heads can you please justify this or is Bollywood calling Rohit Roy.



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Comments (43)

Yes A great applause to Rajat Tokas for all his performances in all his shows.. he is simply the best!!

10 years ago

rajat tokas is best
m soo happy to see him back
rajat u rockkk

10 years ago

Yea.. dont like the exit of Rohit Roy in Virasat. And all of a sudden, all male characters are missing. I specially miss Amar Upadhyay already. But Virasat sure is a great serial with a interesting storyline.

16 years ago

Thankx for the article...very well written...Kaayamat is really heartbreaking.

16 years ago

Thankx for the article and i too think that they are dragging kasturi and the entrance of J.R Thakral is useless!!

16 years ago

wat.......kasturi thumbs down......for me itz thumbs up....

16 years ago

def. teen bhauriyan is getting really good & i agree BMTD should be included in thumbs up personally i think its getting interesting now/

16 years ago

BMTD should be included in Thumbs Up, it is getting interesting now!!!!!!!!!!

16 years ago

Yep i'm surprised that BMTD got thumbs down, BMTD is back in top 10!!

16 years ago

BMTD should be thumbs up...Sagar is normal and the TRP's are actually up =D

16 years ago

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