This 'Ishqbaaaz' actress gives fans a SNEAK-PEEK into her personal life!

It promises to be quite an in-depth look...

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Ishqbaaaz actress Amrapali Gupta has launched her YouTube channel that gives a peek into her personal life.

"My YouTube channel gives family goals to my fans. They get access to how I live my life with my family off-screen. They have seen me on screen and now it's time to get to know the real me,", she said in a statement.

"My channel shows how I enjoy my personal life with my family. I want people to understand that irrespective of their profession, family time should be the priority," she added.

Amrapali has named her channel K Yash Paali and launched it yesterday (July 26).

"My channel is named after us. K is for Kabir (son), Yash (Yash Sinha) my man, Paali is me. My channel shows people how we three enjoy our life which has no relation with showbiz," she said.

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Comments (5)

This is the only movie where I liked Sonakshi & Ranveer. Beautiful film but of course Bollywood likes brainless films like Chennai Express rather than a classic film like Lootera. I loved it!!!

10 years ago

Lootera is a one of a kind movie. You may not watch it a second time but the content is so rich and you really appreciate it by the time it ends. It's sad that the movie got such few nominations even after being a critical success.
Critics talk but it's pointless if a film like this gets ignored. The best critic is yourself.

10 years ago

Totally with sonakshi on this one. Lootera was an exceptional movie and all the ppl mentioned above deserved to win forget nominations! But alas! All awards go to the multi crore making non brainers :( shows exactly how biased these awards are.

10 years ago

I'm with Sonakshi. All the others she mentioned deserve accolades for their work in this film. Lootera is an exceptional film and it ought to be recognised. And these award shows are just frustrating. No wonder Aamir doesn't attend any of these.

10 years ago

For once I agree with her lootera is an exceptional movie and it deserved more appreciation than it's getting, plus Sonaksi proved in this movie she can act.

10 years ago

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