This is when 'Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin's current cast will shoot for their last episode

India Forums has exclusively learnt about the date the current cast of the show will shoot for their last episode.

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Ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mein

India Forums had exclusively reported about the current cast of GHKKPM (Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin) quitting the show as the show is all set to take a generation leap. We also informed you about the tentative ending of the current track of the show. Well, now, India Forums has exclusively learnt another latest development about the show. 

A source close to the show informs us that the current cast of the show might shoot for their last episode on the 15th of June. However, this is the tentative date and a slight preponement or postponement of these dates can be possible. As of now, the current cast of the show has been busy shooting and preparing for the final few episodes.   

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While Aishwarya Sharma had already bid the show an adieu a few days back and is now shooting for Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 in Capetown, Ayesha Singh, Neil Bhatt and Harshad Arora too are all set to make an exit from the show and with them a few actors from the current track too may bid the show a goodbye. While the cast of the show still remains unavailable for any comments on this news, speculations have it, the casting for the upcoming cast of the show has already begun. We have heard of a few names and we will bring those to you pretty soon. 

For more updates on the show, stay tuned to India Forums. 

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Comments (11)

Absolutely nothing of importance was said in this article!

9 months ago

DCP maafi bhi mannge ga ab, tab bhi usko saat khoon na maaf ho LOL ! 😭 He's beyond redemption. Glad I have a bad memory and do not remember half the crap he sputtered and did ! Bless my soul 🥴

9 months ago

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Any new updates about ghkpm

9 months ago

Exit satya's character atleast before a week of last shoot....its not the story of a character which came to view only before one month

9 months ago

I don’t want Virat’s apologies one sided cos Sai is equally wrong in ruining their relationship. Let her say it and reunite SaiRat but please remove intruders from the scenes atleast now

9 months ago

Good. Atleast toxic relationships aren’t getting ‘happy ever after’ ending.

9 months ago

So are we getting last one second with sairat.. Bakwas.. Please focus on virat's redemption and sairat reunion.. At least we fans deserve this

9 months ago

The best ending: they all die

9 months ago

Really going to miss ayesha and Neil and sairat, I hope writers give them the proper end they deserve they both have worked so hard on the show it the least they deserve, love you guys, ghum is not going to be same

9 months ago

They never once could give us SaiRat post Shruti track which coincided with the RC wedding. So they are to blame for the complete deviation from KD story. Jaate jaate, woh show aur SaiRat bhi kha gayi. Karma will hit them & the makers.

9 months ago

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