'This is surely my last TV performance' - Rajat Tokas

Rajat Tokas, the very successful actor who portrays the role of Dharam in NDTV Imagine's 'Dharam Veer' speaks his heart out on his capability as an actor, his future and much more..

It seems success is getting to Rajat Tokas's head. This junior Prithviraj Chauhan and now Veer of NDTV Imagine’s ‘Dharam Veer’ is talking as if he has become a very established star. “Who else has got the best actor award at the age of 16?”, he asks?

Rajat says that he is very lucky to have got two completely different roles. "While Prithvi went by the book, Veer is ready to cut corners as long as the end purpose is served", states the actor. He has no issues sharing share screen space with Vikrant Massey. “Veer is still the main lead. The only thing is that he is doing it for somebody, while Prithiviraj was working for himself”, opines the actor.

Talking further about his Dharamveer co-star he says, “Vikrant and I share a cordial relationship. We are neither enemies nor are we good friends. I have only one funda in life and that is to work. You have to slog very hard to retain the number one position”, he claimed.

One question which really irked Rajat was why he is sticking only to mythos and period stories. “I have got success and love here, so why should I do something else? And let’s face it, you would not have been speaking to me had I not achieved a certain status in the industry”. He also dismissed the idea of doing a reality show, “I want to be a lead actor
and not an anchor or dancer, that I should enter this genre”.

Post this NDTV Imagine period show, Rajat has got his eyes firmly on major bollywood roles. “I am nursing few injuries at the moment. Once they get all right, I will start pitching for films. This will be my last TV appearance”, he asserted.

Author: Anil Merani

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love u rajat tokas keep rocking http://www.india-forums.com/smileys/smiley27.gif

9 years ago

Tikaaa rajat n r'ians r best
dats y we never abuse any other actor :)

11 years ago

u r right tikaa.........but if somebody abuses RT then we should come forward and defend RT........that's our duty and moreover i am concerned with RT only and not any other actor

13 years ago

True preppy but we (RT fans) will never abuse any actor because RT is one in a million and his fans r also decent like him....All the best to all because we(RT and his fans) arent afraid of anyone. God bless all.............:)

13 years ago

and see how much problems RAJAT has faced because of this........abuses from vm fans, pitty! how much mean ppl can get

13 years ago

RT is such a sweet and soft spoken boy . Dont know how can an actor like RT allowed a new comer VM in a parallel role as a dharam.

13 years ago

u r right prabhjotkaur........

13 years ago

what i think is that he had done 2 shows and he did them very well .... he is very young and he saw the true colors of ppl now .. every actor u meet does say the same thing. yep and again u know the indian media ik baat ko badha cadha key boltey hai ...
he sees lots of things , so ya he know that it is not easy to be goody goody in tv bisness . and his friend or co stars not visited him when he was injured was very rude, he got injured due to the stuntman's fault .

13 years ago

has he talked 2 u rudely harshiti ? how can u say he is rude? don't talk about rajat like this.

13 years ago


13 years ago

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