Things spice up yet again for Annu and Ashu

As the love story between Annu and Ashu in Star One's Annu Ki Ho Gayee Wah Bhai Wah catches pace, Ridheema Tiwari enters the show to wreck the love story. Read on to get an insight to the new twist...

Star One’s Annu Ki Ho Gayee Wah Bhai Wah has been in the spotlight for sometime now with the axing of Dev Keswani and entry of Amit Verma into the serial to play the adorable character of Ashu.

Well, when cupid hit the protagonists of the serial, Annu and Ashu, the creative team has decided to introduce a major twist to the tale which will keep the love birds far apart.

Yes, you guessed it right, and as always shown in serials, enters another woman into the life of Ashu, thus completing the love triangle. Actress Ridheema Tiwari, who plays the role of Mehak enters the show with a mission in hand to woo Ashu and get him away from his love, Annu.

Talking about her character in the serial, Ridheema says, “I play Mehak who wishes to run an orphanage and live life to the fullest. She is a very quiet and humble girl and this quality of hers impresses Ashu. But the reality is that, she is a struggling actress trying to meet both ends. She has been planted by Neil to distract Ashu’s attention from Annu and in the process Neil wants to execute his plans of destroying his brother and take away the restaurant from him”.

So is she the next ‘Mirchi’ in Annu’s blossoming love life? “Not really, I am not negative, I am just a person who is in need of money and does everything that Neil asks her to do”, clarifies Ridheema. The girl who is presently seen essaying the role of Shalini in Zee’s Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai says, “I have done few episodic roles in quite a number of shows. As of now, I am doing Har Ghar which will end very soon. I am glad that I have got into Annu Ki Ho Gayee Wah Bhai Wah as the parallel lead”.

As an ending note, the actress says, “This show has given me the creative satisfaction that I was longing for”.

Well, Ridheema might be satisfied, but it is now for the lovely duo of Annu and Ashu to escape from her claws!!

Reporter and Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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omg yaar....they were goin soo gud..but iw as a bit depressd wen aashu was replaced..neway lets c wat happens......

15 years ago

OMGGG she's parallel lead, pls we don't want any riangles, just untie AA

15 years ago

hmmm she looks pretty in the pic,however everyone wants to c Annu Ashu love story,no one wants the triangle thanks for the article!!

15 years ago

I think the twist in the tale in form of her has affected the story.. though the actress is really good...and i really feel she should get a meatty role later... but Annu n Ashu .. we cant toleratee anyone comign in btw themm...:(

15 years ago

From the day she entered Annu i lost interest from the soap, it has become like the usual soaps.. heart breaks and again patch up with someone else.. Was Ashu-Annu's love soo weak that a random girl could take the place of annu within few seconds?

15 years ago

ohh so she is here to stay lets see how he ruins things:p

Thx for article

15 years ago

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