There's nothing wrong in my marriage: Emraan Hashmi

Mumbai, Feb 13 (IANS) A news report about his alleged extramarital affair creating trouble in his marriage has Emraan Hashmi far from fazed.

Mumbai, Feb 13 (IANS) A news report about his alleged extramarital affair creating trouble in his marriage has Emraan Hashmi far from fazed.

'My marriage isn't so brittle that it'd crumble because of one article,' Emraan told IANS. Emraan tied the knot with his long time girlfriend Praveen Shahani Dec 14, 2006.

'My wife didn't react to the story at all. I admit there would've been problems if she didn't trust me. And if she felt there was any truth to it, my wife would walk out of the front door,' he said.

Emraan's mentor Mahesh Bhatt was also brought into the story as the mediator.

'I saw it. Then I shut it and went off to work. My wife saw the story with me. She didn't react at all. I'm honest in my marriage,' said the actor, who has not had a hit after 'Gangster - A Love Story'.

Emraan is unable to pinpoint where the story emanated from.

'I just saw what they had written. I moved on. My wife is with me. And that's that counts. No trouble in my jannat (heaven). We completed a year of marriage in December. There have been ups and downs. We were friends from long before marriage. So we understand each other. We share everything. It's a relation of trust. And that trust remains unbroken.

'From the day I came into the industry I was ready for this kind of thing. This line isn't for the fainthearted. As for my wife, I've trained her. This isn't the first whiff of a scandal in our life together. As I said, we trust each other.'

Emraan has been lying really low.

'After 'Awaarapan', I was busy with my next film 'Jannat'. Now that the film is almost done I've been shuttling around, travelling and editing. It isn't as though I keep away from the media, but I feel my work gives me greater satisfaction. I'd rather talk about my work.'

'Jannat' goes into the forbidden territory of cricket match-fixing.

'It's directed by debutant Kunal Deshmukh. It's very topical. At its centre is the relationship between my character and the woman in his life and the compromises that I make to become successful.

'My character adopts both fair and unfair means to be affluent. The film's wallpaper is the cricketing world. I play a small time gambler who flourishes as a better and match-fixing.'

'Fallen Heroes', a book published by Tehelka magazine, has inspired the Bhatts (Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt) to make 'Jannat'.

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'I was never a diehard cricket fan, but I was completely fascinated by this account of the way cricketers are blackened,' said Emraan.

Last year Emraan was making a concerted effort to move away from the Bhatt camp.

'But this year I'm doing two movies with them. I'm starting from scratch with 'Jannat'. It's a very important film for me. That devious naughty streak which audiences like was missing in my last major film 'Awaarapan'. I was portraying very middle-aged emotions. Now in 'Jannat' I've consciously decided to not be that serious.'

The serial-kisser is back in 'Jannat'.

'There's a new girl, Sonal, with me in the film. I don't enjoy the image of the serial kisser, not after being kissed by a man in a mob once. The image hounds me.'

Even Emraan's wife doesn't enjoy the kisser's reputation.

'But right now after trying to change my image in 'Awaarapan', I crave only for a hit. I want the box office at any cost.'

After 'Jannat', Emraan has another film - it's a Bhatt film.

'It's 'Raaz 2'. We aren't sure if it will be a sequel to 'Raaz', but the eerie hysteria of the first part will persist. We're still scripting. As for my private jannat (marriage), so far so good! Parenthood? I'm too immature for it right now.'

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