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The Zoya Factor review: Switch off your brains to enjoy this highly superstitious drama!

The Zoya Factor review: Switch off your brains to enjoy this highly superstitious drama!


The film revolves Zoya's (Sonam Kapoor) life, who is a lucky charm for Indian cricket team! In fact she claims to be the gift from India's cricket gods. It depicts her believes on superstition which leads India to world cup! 

While some entertainment rich films try to march towards uncharted territories, there are films which run on highly stereotypical backgrounds, which has been pre-existing in Bollywood since decades now. In consideration, to the plot from a book, the conceptualization has failed miserably. Some things look elegant only in their respective form of narrative. 

The film is directed by Abhishek Sharma and written by Anuja Chauhan and Pradhuman Singh (dialogues). The Zoya factor consecutively features amateur scripting and average punchlines. However the idea of adding humour and sarcasm during a cricket match's commentary has been in the makers favour but yet again it has been average and there's hardly anything you could expect from!

Shah Rukh Khan will surprise you with the narration which is hardly screened through the whole film. The unprofessional direction tries to throw you out of the film as it proves to be a setback. The director has tried really hard to achieve his goal however, the background score tempo is off the track and as soon as you get into the sequence it knocks you out of the stadium. 

Sonam Kapoor's expressions have been consistently the same throughout the film. She tries really hard to match up with Dulquer Salman but she couldn't catch up the chemistry. Dulquer has been wonderful throughout the film and his on-screen persona will definitely impress you. The actor will make you crave for more. 

In conclusion, the film is an average entertainer which hardly supports the concept the makers have tried to depict. It's highly recommend if you don’t prefer to use logic while watching the films, this light hearted drama could be a right pick for your weekend.

(Ratings- 2/5)

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