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The wistful Prachi Desai

While she is dancing her way to the audience heart, we catch a bubbly and vivacious Prachi and ask her some fun questions, which she answers with a lot of spunk!

Published: Saturday,Oct 13, 2007 10:01 AM GMT-06:00
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Prachi Desai is the effervescent little girl who suddenly has had to grow up. But she is now breaking her shackles and giving in to the free spirit residing inside her. Read on to find out her spirited rejoinders on an IF exclusive 'IF I WAS'.
The wistful Prachi Desai
If I was a Nail polish: I would always adorn Bani's nails!
If I Was a city: I would be Mumbai, because I have never ever known any other city!
If I Was to be given a new name: It would have to be Bani because Bani has made me whatever I am today.
If I Was a 70s movie heroine: I would have a bird's nest on my head, wear polka dot sarees, have thin eyebrows and romance Amitabh Bachchan.
If I Was to get a week long break right now: Oh! I would run away with my mother and my sisters far far away, away from any work, away from all the boundations, away from 'do this, do that', away from having to finish the schedules, and just sleep, eat and shop. Ah! When will I have that break!
We are sure Prachi, the hard work you are putting in everything that you are doing will pay off, and sometime soon you will get the holiday break you so richly crave and deserve.
Meanwhile, you all stay tuned to Telly Buzz where we bring you the latest from Telly world. Until next time, ciao!
By: Minnie Gupta
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Talz @punjabi_kuri02 15 years ago AW!!
she soo cute
and she soo bubbly
( just like me : |)
: )
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Britneyy @Britneyy 16 years ago she is really cute
i would call her a barbie doll
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Divya @DivyaD 16 years ago Oooh! She is too adorable!!! She deserves many dream weeks to spend with her family - but, then would we get to see her on screen? *wink*
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shakta @shakta 16 years ago I would likw to hear more about her she is such a doll and cute too bad we will not be able to see her now like I am not big fan of KAsamesh but I watch to see prachihey good luck to her!111111111111111111111111
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Ellina Khan @~*Shona94*~ 16 years ago too bad she had to go out she is a great dancer.
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Fozia @candy_floss88 16 years ago shame she got out of jalakh dikhlaja :'(
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gurpreet @preety88 16 years ago prachi, you are sooooooooooo cute and keep up the good work and im sure you will win jdj2
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Mahi @-Mystery- 16 years ago Prachi, you're too cute! Keep smiling and I am sure you'll win Jhalak 2!
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Megha @.:Megha:. 16 years ago Prachi's tooo sweet. I hope she wins in JDJ 2
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Ankita @anku2cute 16 years ago awwww cute cute answers...her smile is reli childish
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