The toughest reality in Reality Shows: Eliminations

A fun musical weekend with lot of drama leaving viewers both enthralled and exasperated, that's what this week's reality shows have been.

The three musical reality shows are giving its viewers a wholesome treat of music, drama, fun and now that they are nearing the grand finale, the contests are also getting tight leading to contestants giving some awesome performances. But, none can stay away from the reality of eliminations too, which is the saddest part. With the elimination of Emon, considered as one of the best contender for the title, Indian Idol has reached its final stage. SVOI was no exception as it lost one of the best contestant - Priyani and after Toshi’s elimination, the slogan of this show “Suro ke saath no Samjhauta” is now being proved wrong by elimination of some of the best singers from the show. But it was very funny to notice the Guru’s giving lame excuses for below par performances of their own contestants. When they are ready to criticize the contestants of the other teams, then why can’t they apply the same judgment for their own gharana contestants? It was seen in both SRGMP where Musarrat was being supported by his mentor Himesh and also Irfan being supported by Abhijit in SVOI. The “Once More” performance by certain picked contestants is an injustice for others as the viewers may get attached to those performances by listening to them twice. These shows must stop showing these encore performances.

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SaReGaMaPa is turning more into “SaReDraMaPa”. This week, Mauli Dave’s elimination saw Bappida staging a walkout from the show after making some atrocious and irresponsible statements. Bappida felt, with the elimination of Mauli, now the show’s TRP was going to fall. Mauli’s request asking him not to leave the show as Sumedha was still there, fell on deaf ears. Firstly a question to Bappida - While feeling sad for Mauli and by saying that TRP would fall, isn’t he questioning the popularity and credibility of the other contestants, who have repeatedly given good performances time after time? Wasn’t he indirectly also putting Sumedha down!! And more important, he should know that the TRP of a show is not ruled by just popularity of the contestants, but good performances and general ambience of the show also play a vital role. On top of these, viewers are now finding the love story saga played by all the mentors with the exception of Vishal-Shekhar, very irritating. One simple question, why do we need the love story drama or bringing Poonam’s economic situation up every week? Doesn’t their talent speak for them?

SVOI is not very far and it seems to be capitalizing on Toshi’s elimination. Now the Guru’s and producer of the show seem to be planning to have a wild card round between Toshi, Ashpreet and Priyani and the one who gets the maximum votes will get the entry. But how fair is it on the other eliminated contestants or even the ones who would get eliminated after this wild card round? Will they also be brought back by having another wild card round? Why drive the viewers wild with frustration with change of format? These shows seem to be bending their rules every now and then, to cash in on sentiments. Why can’t they be fair to all the participants? It’s high time, they decide on the exact format, before they take the track of those long agonizing Tele-serials which leave the main track to enter subplots and get lost totally.

However, the point to be accepted and acknowledged is that these shows have transformed the otherwise less of interest on weekend TV shows. They have attracted not only viewers, but have made the weekends interesting, exciting and musical for all the viewers of Indian Television. They have provided the platform to bring talents in the view of public, they showcase and produce some very talented singers every year and encourage more youth to take interest and give shape to dreams of making a career in Music!!

Author: Barnali

P.S. The opinions expressed in here is strictly those of the author. So for more information please contact the author only.

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than xlot......Ranbir looks sooo HOT......cant wait for Saawariya

16 years ago

Nice article...but it was time of mauli to go so she fact she was supposed to go wayy early but she sticked around....anyway i m lovin srgmp

16 years ago

Good article!!

I really wanted Emon to win after Chang and Deepali got out!! :(

16 years ago

Yes, i will be happy toshi come back and win. He is really a good singer. I will support him

16 years ago

iceangel....i also want Toshi to come backkkkkkkkkkk

16 years ago

bappida said that trps will go down cuz her elimination but didn't he think once about the poeple who watched the show has not voted for her therefore they don't want to see her anymore....... use ur brain bappida.

16 years ago

man i want toshi bck so badly!!!
mauli can't SING..i thought she shud've leave early n Bappi is saying we'll abt da TRPS without Mauli shitman!!!
Emon is wayyyyyyy better den pershant

16 years ago

For SVOI.. Having a wildcard entry between Toshi, Arshpreet & Priyani makes no sense because we all know who the winner will be.

Awesome name saredramapa :P

Thanks Barnali Di!

16 years ago

great analysis....its soo tru...esp. the saredramapa part :P

16 years ago

great articleeee.!:D

sareDRAmapa lol is funny!!

16 years ago

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