Sonu Sood expresses shock as viral video shows passenger assaulting pilot over flight delay

Sonu Sood took to his social media account as he expressed his shock on the viral Indigo airlines video.

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Sonu Sood

As North India grappled with the season's worst fog, leading to flight delays and stranded passengers, an alarming incident surfaced involving a passenger assaulting a pilot on a Delhi to Goa flight. The viral video, shared on Twitter, depicted a male passenger in a yellow hoodie hitting the pilot as he made a delay announcement in the aircraft.

Expressing shock and dismay, actor Sonu Sood shared a screenshot from the video on social media, stating, "Soon self-defence training programs will become mandatory for airline staff if people continue to behave in such unruly ways!!"

According to reports, the attack occurred around 1 pm, and the flight, initially scheduled to depart at 7.40 am, eventually took off at 6 pm. In the video, the assailant can be heard saying, “Chalana hai to chala, nahi to mat chala, khol de (If you want to operate the flight, do so; otherwise, don't and open the aircraft).”

Prior to this incident, Sonu Sood shared his own experience of being stuck at the airport for three hours due to flight delays. He urged people to remain patient with airline staff, acknowledging the challenges posed by unpredictable weather conditions. In a social media post, he emphasized, "The weather Gods have their own moods, beyond human control!! We need to understand some situations are beyond anyone's control and everyone deserves to be respected."

In another story, Sonu Sood continued his plea for kindness towards airline crews, noting that delays are not the fault of the staff. He urged travellers to empathize with the challenges faced by airline staff during unforeseen circumstances.

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The assault on the pilot has sparked concerns about the increasing incidents of unruly behavior by passengers. Sonu Sood's call for mandatory self-defence training for airline staff reflects the need for measures to ensure their safety amidst challenging situations. 

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