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The sweet trouble called Karwa Chaut!

Telly Buzz speaks to six lovely ladies about Karwa chaut and whether their husbands should be joining them too!

Published: Wednesday,Oct 07, 2009 16:46 PM GMT-06:00
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Today its Karwa Chaut, a unique festival in which wives fast for their husbands' long lives. On this day, many married women go not just without food but also without water and rest. It is broken only after seeing the face of moon and then the lucky hubby's!

This festival deeply signifies the willpower of a woman to sacrifice everything for the well-being of not just her husband but also her entire family. The fact that scores of women through the passing generations have kept this tradition alive is evidence to the caring and protective nature of womanhood.

Telly Buzz talks to newlywed wives who celebrate their first Karwa chaut. However there are two exceptions. The first exception is Pari, wife of actor Angad Hansija. Pari although married to Angad for the past three years, is just like a newlywed wife because their marriage was made public only this year. The second exception is Daljeet because she is not yet married, and is participating in this ritual just for the sake of her love for Shaleen!

Juhi Parmar (Sachin Shroff):

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How are you planning to spend the day?
It will be a very different atmosphere tomorrow. Since Sachin is a Sindhi, they have never had a karwachaut celebration at their house at all! So it's a first for them as well as me. I've spoken to my mom on how she celebrates it every year and would follow her.

Do you think there should be such a day where men fast for their wives?
Yes I think there should be. But instead of questioning why only women should do it, women should consider participating in karwachaut a prized privilege. Yes, women are indeed blessed with the power to give up more and should proudly show off on the day of karvachaut.

Priya Bhatija (Jatin Shah):

How are you planning to spend the day?
Jatin is not in town. He's gone to Delhi and will only return at night. So I'll be spending the whole day without him by my side. I asked for an off but I didn't get one as my wedding sequence is being shot in Basera. But the bright side of this is that, going by the scene's requirement' they put mehndi on my hands. So I did not have to worry about inserting the two-hour mehndi session in my schedule!

Do you think there should be such a day where men fast for their wives?
(Laughs) You know, this question reminds me of something that happened two days back. Just this topic of karwachaut came up and I asked Jatin if he would do it for me. And he just went -Are you mad? I can't stay hungry! You know that!! And I just burst out laughing. But then I demanded that because I do something for him that he cannot, I need double gifts. And he agreed!

Daljit Kaur (Shaleen Bhanot):

How are you planning to spend the day?
Actually this year I've gotten a lot of help to celebrate this day from my future ma-in-law. To be frank, even last year I celebrated a bachelorette kind of karwachaut without following the proper ceremonies and just going hungry. But since this year, we made it official and everyone knows, I'll be doing karwachaut in a more formal way. My would be ma-in-law got me a splendid suit from Jabalpur in a beautiful blue shade with pink in between. So I'll be wearing that. Then of course, the sargi would be given by her tomorrow. Shaleen has already given me many gifts and has promised some more for tomorrow. Its just plain pampering for me during karwachaut!

Do you think there should be such a day where men fast for their wives?
I'm not really sure about that. But knowing my Shaleen I won't be surprised if tomorrow he'd come up to me and told me – Guess what? I'm fasting with you! (smiles)

Latha Sabharwal (Sanjeev Seth):

How are you planning to spend the day?
Well, I'll wake up early, at around four in the morning and have the sargi. And then go back to sleep(laughs). Then I'll be ready by ten thirty because that's the time the mehndi lady is going to arrive. Then by evening I'll be all adorned in my bridal attire. Of course during all this I won't eat anything. Oh, I'm very excited!

Do you think there should be such a day where men fast for their wives?
Hmm… agar hota to achcha hota( would've been nice if there were such a day). My Sanjeev when he saw all the gifts I've been getting for karwachaut told me- Just for one day's fast you are getting so many gifts!? Now even I will keep karwachaut. As soon as he said this, he realized the real gravity of the issue and took back his words saying- I love you, but I just can't remain hungry for you. (Laughs)

Pari Hansija (Angad Hansija):

How are you planning to spend the day?
Oh just the usual. Have sargi, dress up like a bride, fast, and then break it at the arrival of moon.

What about gifts?
Well, I haven't gotten any yet. But I'm sure I will get one because every year Angad has given me gold jewellery as gifts. Besides, I already have my most prized gift- my darling daughter Vaishnavi.

Do you think there should be such a day where men fast for their wives?
No. I don't think so. It should be just us wives who have the privilege of doing this. I think the husbands should just see to it that they work hard and come home on time. (Smiles)

Meghna Lohani (Rahuol Lohani):

How are you planning to spend the day?
I'm gonna be working all day since I don't have an off. So after the early morning sargi, I'll be spending the whole day at my office. Then come back home and wait for the moon, if at all it is going to come. Later, we have a party to attend, so we'll be heading for that.

What about mehndi?
Unfortunately I have never liked henna on my hands. So, no mehndi for me.

Do you think there should be such a day where men fast for their wives?
Yes I do, and in fact Rahuol has decided to fast along with me and it is very sweet of him to do so. He believes that when I can do it for him, he should also do it for me.

Telly Buzz wishes all the married ladies a Happy Karwa chaut...

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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saniya.k 13 years ago wish u a very happy karwa chot
love u juhi sachin
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priya_al 13 years ago omg i nvr knew angad has a baby girl!
juhi n sachin make a sweet couple :)
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muskan087 13 years ago nice to know juhi's view on KC

wishing them all d very best for their life

2009-10-08 11:22:36
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Annie4Juhi 13 years ago Woowwwwwwwwwww
Happy Karwa Chauth.......
Juhi Sachin rocksssss luv thmm...
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yipee 13 years ago i had a great karwa chauth though its tough for me to stay hungry...happy karwa chauth to all
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renup64 13 years ago Happy karvachaut to every married women.
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I-love-dmg 13 years ago aww all of dem were realllyy sweet... and angad has a daughter?!!!!
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mjht2dmg 13 years ago luved reading juhi-sachin n shaleen-daljit!
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-Candy- 13 years ago all commented nice.......enjoy ur vrath ladies...
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Jasmine... 13 years ago Thanks for the article!!
Loved reading Juhi Sachin segment
Happy Karvachauth to who celebrate it..:)
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