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The real action hero - Saurabh Pandey

Saurabh Pandey who has a fascination to do all the stunt scenes himself in Star Plus' Shaurya Aur Suhani turns out to be a real life action hero...

Published: Wednesday,Apr 22, 2009 16:24 PM GMT-06:00
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Saurabh Pandey, who plays the brave Shaurya in Star Plus's latest offing 'Shaurya Aur Suhani', likes to take up the risk and perform his own stunts. Saurabh has it all to be an action hero and he enjoys doing almost all the dangerous action sequences himself on the sets of the show.

The real action hero - Saurabh Pandey
When asked why he prefers to do his own stunts Saurabh says, "The reason why I prefer to do my own stunts is that I feel stunts and action are also a part of acting and the language or the feel with which I would perform the stunt would be in sync with the character which might not be the same if some one else does it, in simple words I feel that I wouldn't do justice to the action sequence if I am not doing it myself".

Elaborating on his brave experiences, "The scariest one was when I had to get into a pond along with an elephant and had to give him a bath; I just love animals and know how they react in different situations. I was a bit unsure about this sequence because elephants don't like to be disturbed when they are in water, but since the sequence was really important in terms of building Shaurya's character, I took my chances and thankfully the elephant didn't get bothered much with my presence inside the pond."

"Another incident was when I was supposed to take a giant leap while riding the horse. The action was scheduled later in the day and at that time I was a bit unwell. I tried a few short practice leaps before the actual shot but the real one was just not happening. The unit suggested that the stuntman could do the stunt, but I felt that I could do it and then at the 6th or the 7th attempt I finally made it."

Not just this, Saurabh is always involved in any kind of action sequence that's going on the sets, be it people riding horses or doing a sword fight, he is always there to give a tip or two to his co-stars.

The real action hero - Saurabh Pandey
Mentioning about his role in the serial he said that Shaurya is a savior of the poor and the weak, he cannot stand injustice and stands against the atrocities of the evil king. In real life as well Saurabh has been a lot like a savior.

The actor adds, "I can recall an incident where we were shooting a sequence where a prince is coming on a chariot and I was suppose to attack the convoy along with my friends, the sequence went ugly since one of the wheels of the chariot  broke and the Horse became uncontrollable and ran towards the trees. The entire cast & crew moved aside, but one of the actors got stuck in the chariot and we all were really scared. I immediately ran towards the chariot and got my co-actor out of the trap just in time. He suffered a few injuries but thankfully nothing major happened, I always tend to keep my first aid kit with my self and that day it came really handy."

Talking about his co- star Sriti Jha, who plays Princess Suhani in the serial Saurabh said, "Sriti and I share a very good on screen Chemistry, people have also liked our chemistry before and I am sure its going to do wonders this time as well. Sriti is a very dear friend and we always have this one-upmanship between us, as to who will perform better. She is a fine actress and I believe we both compliment each other while facing the camera."

To watch more of this brave real life hero, tune in to 'Shaurya Aur Suhani', every Sat & Sun at 8 pm only on STAR Plus!

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