The Power of Fan Mails does the job!

Milind and Prachi, the lead protagonists of Kayamath, christened as MICHI, by their loyal fans will now unite, courtesy a change in script. Wondering what brought about this change? Get to read it here..

If you feel christening of very popular off screen and on screen couples happen only in Bollywood, then you got to take your word back!

The lead pair of Kayamath, Milind and Prachi have set the screen on fire, with their fabulous on screen chemistry, and have connected so well with the audience that they have now been tagged with a nickname, MICHI(MI from Milind and CHI from Prachi). But the fans of MICHI are depressed these days, as their favorite on screen Jodi is going thro’ a turmoil, which has almost resulted in a breakup in marriage in the serial Kayamath.

Are you wondering how the fans can help out in resurrecting a sinking ship, and that too in a serial? Then, check this out for dedication!

Of late, the channel has been receiving innumerable mails, from the viewers of the show,(mainly from the die-hard MICHIans in threatening to disconnect themselves with the show, if the current track of Kayamath, showing the divorce of MICHI is not altered on time.

Says Nitin, the Executive Producer of Kayamath, “We have been getting very strong mails from the members of the forum; and they are hell-bent to get the couple back on track again. They have appealed that they connect to the show only to watch MICHI in action, and are looking forward to their loved Jodi getting united, and more of mushy romantic stuff be shown in the near future.” How did the creatives react to these strong mails? “This actually speaks volumes about the popularity of the show. It is very pleasing to see the viewers connecting to the serial so strongly, and getting so personal with the characters”, says Nitin. So is there any chance of MICHI getting back together? “Yes, we surely want to change the track and take all the feedbacks into consideration”, says Nitin, addressing the MICHIans who made this change happen.

This is surely a blessing in disguise for the viewers, as the hue and cry in the form of mails has saved them from the ‘Usual Boy-Girl fall in love, only to get separated’ concept. Last but not the least, it looks like happy days are back again for MICHI, and of course, their fans will be feasted with some great chemistry between the on screen couple now!

Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Why don't these two unite for good????? When will that auspicious day come!!

no wonder the serial is called 'kayamath'!!

16 years ago

So they are finally together now! Yippie!

16 years ago

Now my question is- when will they re-unite? In this life i hope!

16 years ago

hey this show is damn cool, n shabbir is damn cute...

16 years ago last!! after such a long wait!! i dont usually watch soaps coz they take so much of ur time n effort (which i realized after being addicted to the show due to my evil friend's insistence) much so that it interferes with studying for one's GRE exam!! but truly, watch the show only for shabbir! absolutely delish and love the contrast the couple brings in each other.

16 years ago

they're as good as Sumit-Kumkum where chemistry's concerned, so I say kudos to uniting them!!

16 years ago

Miland and Prachi have the most natural chemistry..bravoo

16 years ago

i just started watching the show ..after i read this article to c whats this michi couple is about...and NOW IM A FAN OF MICHIIII..fantastic chemistry between them

16 years ago

yeah that's great news but i wont feel good because if neev prachi dont be together i wont like it!..........thanks to you'll

16 years ago

yay, lets hear it for michi! a huge thank you to the fans who emailed star plus ad also a huge thankyou to star for taking viewers feeling into consideration and reuniting MICHI:)

16 years ago

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