The Ninja Pandavs Get A New Teacher!

Vaishali Nazareth is the new face in the show who brings in a new twist...

Ninja Pandav on REAL is all set for another twist with a new entry in the show. There is a new teacher coming in for Ninja Pandav's and the role is essayed by Vaishali Nazareth. Her character name is Maya.

"In this episode, Maya (Vaishali), Alambush's ally takes up the responsibility of retrieving the guru pathar herself. She descends on to the Hojo house but fails to do so as the master spirits prevent her from getting in," says the source.

Elaborating more on the storyline our source adds,"Maya enters Riverdale International as Miss Madhu Sharma, a confident, aggressive student counselor. Maya leaves no stone unturned and uses her seductive charm on BBC in order to organize a karate competition within the school. Her tactics come to life and finally Satya and Arjun stand face-to-face in the competition."
"Maya succeeds in imbibing hatred amongst the two – Satya and Arjun through various provocations and treachery. Thus, the fight remains not just a competition but results in an innocuous game," concludes the source.

Watch what happens next in this very adventurous episode. Ninja Pandav airs every Friday at 8 pm.

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