The Namesake Saga

Television actress Anushka Singh expresses the confusion in the name she shares with leading Bollywood actress,Anushka Sharma

AnushkaaAnushka Singh, better known as Rekha Desai of SAB TV's Don't Worry Chachu, is having a tough time dealing with her name, due to it's stark similarity with leading Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma.

Sharing this dilemma with Tellybuzz, Anushka said, "Actually, I have no clue as to how my cell number got leaked. I've been getting a lot of calls from people who believe that I am Anushka Sharma with comments like 'I am a big fan of yours', 'You've done a great job in Band Baaja Baarat' etc. When I explain to them that I am Anushka Singh and not Anushka Sharma they think that I'm lying. And it's not only fans but even a few people from the industry approached me and wanted to meet me, thinking that I was her. One fan literally wanted to marry me and was insisting that I was lying to get away from the situation."

To all those Anushka Sharma fans, hope this article clears your confusion.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Megha Bissa

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Comments (9)

Who is this cheapso????? good for nothing actor and their publicity stunts...

12 years ago

Even if there is a bad news this @samicute person is going to keep saying "thanks for the awesome news"
Get real

12 years ago

For Real. Is she like the only one with similar names to a bollywood star. Gosh. Lagta news nahi milti, issilye yeh sab bakwaas chapte hai

12 years ago

so she is sister of ranveer singh...

12 years ago

lol, so many people have the same first names in the industry. For example, in tellywood there are so many karan's! How come no one gets confused with these people?

12 years ago

anything ... stupid pr article ... you are still getting calls congratulating you for the performance of anushka for band baaja ... which released last year ... ... if you had to say lies should have said .. that promos of ricky behl look nice ... if pls put genuine articles

12 years ago

aw...poor must have been too embarrassing...

12 years ago

ooops!!!...haha...poor girl...but its funny

12 years ago

lol thats funny...poor thing must be troubled of all this

12 years ago

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