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The Ice Cream-O-Scope

In honor of summer's favorite treat, BollyCurry brings to you a fun filled scoop of our Bollywood stars and their ice cream counterparts.

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The hot summer months are upon us with all vigor. But the sweat, prick and itch are not enough to stop us all from being cool, crafted and tasteful. So as we shed our inhibitions and embrace the summer heat head on, ice cream comes along to add flavor to the season. This sweet frozen concoction is a savior like no other on a hot summer day. Be it at the beach or the pool, or simply in the comfort of your own couch, nothing wards off the stifling temperatures of summer like ice cream. And in honor of summer's favorite treat, BollyCurry brings to you a fun filled scoop of our Bollywood stars and their ice cream counterparts. So, sit back, relax and read on with a pint of your favorite flavor.
Shah Rukh Khan: Is there any flavor that is more suited for the King Khan than good old fashioned vanilla? Not just plain old vanilla, but vanilla bean! What's the difference you ask? Vanilla bean is the creme de la creme of vanilla ice cream. While some may argue that vanilla is plain and boring, in reality it is anything but! Vanilla flavor reflects a colorful personality that relies heavily on intuition. What makes vanilla bean extra special is that it's uber sophisticated. Plus, vanilla is classic. Isn't Mr. Khan all this and some?
Kareena Kapoor Khan: Bebo's larger than life personality calls for a larger than life flavor of ice cream. Mexican Chilli Chocolate ice cream fits the bill perfectly. That's chocolate ice cream with a kick!. Chocolate ice cream is luxurious in itself and equally loved and envied by all; but chocolate ice cream with chili is a bit too hot to handle and certainly not for the faint hearted. Suits Mrs. Khan, wouldn't you agree?

Salman Khan: Which flavor of ice cream can possibly encapsulate all that is Mr. Salman Khan? It has to be the classic Rocky Road ice cream. Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips, walnuts and marshmallows for some extra oomph is the perfect match for this charismatic box-office king. His exterior is rock solid with well pruned muscles, but his heart is as soft as a marshmallow. And to top it off, we've heard that Rocky Road lovers are said to be bossy. We don't know about that, but this ice cream is surely Dabangg enough to withstand the powerhouse that is Salman Khan.
Deepika Padukone: Bollywood's it girl Deepika Padukone is Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. Mint chocolate chip is unconventional, ambitious and oozes confidence. It may not be the most obvious of ice cream flavors, but it works in magical ways. Mint chocolate chip is for those who like to mix things up and Ms. Padukone is doing just that when it comes to her choice in movie roles. Seems like a perfect fit, doesn't it? 
Ranbir Kapoor:  When it comes to ice cream, Mr. Kapoor is coffee all the way.  Lively and  dramatic, dark and enticing, coffee ice cream isn't for the laid back. It is said that the rich flavors of coffee attract fun-loving folks. Why not? With all that extra caffeine, it sure gives you the perfect boost of energy to approach life with gusto! Coffee ice cream may be unconventional, but it is starting to become a staple in ice cream shops everywhere; just like the Kapoor lad is the flavor sought out by almost all the women.
Katrina Kaif: Strawberry. When it comes to strawberry ice cream, it is a tale of extremes. You either love it, or you can't stand it. Nonetheless, strawberry ice cream simply can't be ignored and Katrina Kaif certainly is an exempted example of this. Like Ms. Kaif's avatars, strawberry ice cream too is the middle ground between simple vanilla and bold chocolate. Plus, strawberry ice cream makes you feel good about yourself for fulfilling your daily fruit intake. And Kat is no less a temptation than this juicy heart-shaped fruit.
Saif Ali Khan: Chote Nawab deserves a flavor that suits his royal stature, and we found the perfect one thanks to a creative concoction named "Chubby Hubby" marketed by the American ice cream giant, Ben & Jerry's. The vanilla malt ice cream base is enhanced by delicious peanutty fudge-covered pretzels with fudge and peanut butter swirls for added flavor. This delightful flavor is regal, golden and rich, much like Mr. Khan. Regardless of it's unfortunate name after festively plump spouses, this unique flavor combo of salty-sweet is sure to please ice cream lovers everywhere.
Anushka Sharma: Ms. Sharma's colorful and infectious personality deserves a colorful flavor combo and we think Rainbow Sorbet defines her perfectly. The coolness, lightness and exoticism of Sharma is reflected in the sorbet. Now, you might say that sorbet is not an ice cream and we agree! No wonder she is in excellent shape!

Ice cream can take on many forms. From being the delight of children to the crown of a high end meal and from simple frozen sweetened milk to an array of infinite flavors, the layers of such a simple delicacy as ice cream are innumerable and unpredictable and thus it favors to being a part of creativity. In this regard, they are just like our Bollywood actors who can meld into many roles and present much varied personalities and flavors of human nature. Do let us know about your thoughts about our favorite celebs and their flavored personalities in the comment section below.
Author: Marsh P.
Nabila S. and Gunia M.
 Marsh P.
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