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The hustle is there even if you are a star kid: Aashiqana actor Zayn Ibad Khan

TV and Bollywood actors are still categorized, the former is looked down upon when compared with the latter. ‘Aashiqana’ actor Zayn Ibad Khan shares his thoughts on the same.

Published: Tuesday,Jul 05, 2022 14:36 PM GMT-06:00
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Zayn Ibad Khan

TV and Bollywood actors are still categorised, the former is looked down upon when compared with the latter. But many have opined that OTT is open to all and does not pigeon-hole actors or judge them depending on the platforms they are coming from. Actor Zayn Ibad Khan who is playing the lead in Aashiqana on Disney+ Hotstar, shares his opinion.

“I want to know who categorizes them actually? I believe it’s an actor's choice to work wherever they want to. I think OTT is the platform from which we can reach the masses. Again, I think it’s an actor’s choice and sometimes it depends on the situation as well. When people come to Mumbai to fulfil their acting career, they don’t categorize their jobs that they will work only on TV, or films, they do what they get and when they have enough experience and are established enough, they choose a path,” he says.

With so many platforms churning a plethora of content, it has become easier to pursue acting dreams than what it was earlier. “Journey in showbiz is not easy, neither was it earlier nor is it now. Well, after OTT came into the picture a new gate of opportunity has opened for all but that doesn’t mean it has become easy. Some people might get popular in the beginning of their careers but that also doesn’t mean they can stop the hustle. The hustle is there even if you are a star kid,” he explains.

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Talking about how the younger lot of actors are different from the seasoned ones, Zayn says that he is quite new as well. “So, I don't know the difference but I guess young minds are trying new things and sometimes it can be great. But obviously no one can be more truthful and knowledgeable than an experienced actor,” he adds.

Much like many others, the actor too agrees that the OTT boom has led to the evolution of TV content. Show makers now know that the audience won’t accept the same old stories but are always looking for something new and relatable.

“TV has evolved a lot. Nowadays people want to connect more, so they will definitely fall for what they think is relatable. Both as a person and artist, I love being as natural and as real as possible. I do not think that too much reality can be condemned. Reality can never be condemned. For those who want to live in the fairytale of denial things can go south for them I feel", he added.


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kendra 2 months ago Love the show! He is doing a great job!
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WildestDreams 2 months ago Online there is quite a buzz about this show
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BaAZiGar0 2 months ago i havent seen the show but he seems to be quite popular online.
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SoniRSippu21 2 months ago The trailer looked promising, will watch it when all episodes have been uploaded.
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A4Anjie 2 months ago Great leads and a very good show !
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