The best child actor ever?

The Oscar-nominated film which had the best performance by a child actor...


The 2017 Oscar-nominated Hollywood film Lion which not only won hearts of the audience but also made them cry as it portrayed the real-life story of a young Indian boy Saroo Brierly and his journey of finding his way back home after almost ages.

The film starred Dev Patel in the lead role but the whole film was carried on by the child actor Sunny Pawar as he impressed everyone with his on-screen innocence as he played the little Saroo. Sunny was the one to get selected among 2000 kids and he was worth it. He was surely the life of the film.

Post the release of Lion, Sunny became a quite popular kid in Hollywood. The audience just fell in love with his innocence and they even called him the best star kid ever and we guess everyone who has watched this film will agree. A kid who never watched a Hollywood film before became the star after the film released. He was so real as Saroo that no one could ever forget his performance.

With a few dialogues, this child actor made everyone emotional with his apt expressions and totally became the show stealer of 'Lion'.

The film was directed by Garth Davis.

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