The ball is in Ratan's court to choose the best suitors..

Ratan Rajput has got as many as 40,000 rishtas from probable suitors. It is for Ratan now to choose the best...


After Rakhi Ka Swayamvar and Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega, it's our favorite Bitiya Ratan Rajput to look for her suitor on National Television with Imagine TV's Swayamvar Part 3, titled 'Ratan Ka Rishta'..

We hear that the response coming from junta has been enormous and the channel as well as Ratan are pretty excited about the response.

Accepting the same, Nikhil Madhok, Senior Director, Marketing and Communications, Imagine told us "On the very first day, we received more than 500 calls within half an hour for Ratan Ka Rishta. The number of calls went on increasing, and by 31st of December we had received approximately 10,000 calls and proposals. If we have to give you an approximate scenario till date, the number has crossed over 40,000".

Ratan told us that she will have a tough time going thro all the proposals and short listing the best. "I will surely be helped by my family to short list the names. We will arrive at the actual number of 16 grooms from a certain number of entries", says Ratan.

Nikhil Madhok too echoed the same saying, "It very difficult for Ratan to shortlist these many entries. But the first step would be for us to short list the grooms based on the guidelines that Ratan has given us".

Elaborating on the method of short listing, Nikhil states, "We will be bringing down the huge tally to about 5000 contestants. Ratan will come in at this stage and will have a chat with them, but this might not be a personal talk. She will short list about 200 contestants, with whom Ratan will have a personal talk time. From this, she will have to pick her final 16". 

Well, the ball we can say is now in Ratan's court to choose the best of the best suitors... We can only wish her all the very best!!

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar


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-Preeti- 9 years ago i dont get why is she going for a Swayamwar?
Anyways wish her all the best
taral83 9 years ago @aadaa..........first of all no one is a idiot here.........and no one is comparing this show with sitaji and ramji swayamvar....all i meant to say is that swayamvars have been a part of our tradition from the past.......nun wrong with having one. whether one thinks its right or wrong is their POV. I never said what she is doing is right....but lets give her a break. We can't put her in the same category as Rahul and Rahki. Maybe she will actually live up to the meaning of swayamvar. So next time, watch what you say and read/understand a POV completely before jumping to conclusions.
best_punz 9 years ago wasnt she dating vikas goopta??? imagine should stop making such cheap shows!!!!
Vaibhav.sharma 9 years ago I dnt think that she actually needed a swayamvar to get famous..she is quite famous anyway..hope this swayamvar is not fake n hope jst like cutiepiee4 said Ratan is not d nxt drama queen in d making...
destinylove 9 years ago @shanak.hot ...really people go to any level for earning money..I heard /read she has already a suitor and this is all eye wash and that man would be announced as winner in the end..Same like Ali-sarah wedding in Big boss 4 which did for money.and now are split..OMG..i wont waste time in seeing all this..had enough experience with Rakhi
halifax004 9 years ago I will only watch this show for pure ENTERTAINMENT!!
shanak.hot 9 years ago i don't know why people have to do this swayamvar....spoiling their own reputation
yipee 9 years ago baap re itne mein se choose kaise karegi
_muskaan_ 9 years ago i heard al the previous swayamvars ended up in a break up
rakhi is single again!!!!
dimpie is saying that rahul beats her up like he did to his previous wife( i read this from somewhere)
n now ratan.....
i dont get wats wrong wid dese ppl!!!
canadians 9 years ago it will be a good show but why is she doing this to herself?
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