Teri Meri Doriyaann: Seerat is hiding something

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Teri Meri Doriyaann, Seerat receives a call from the mysterious guy and decides to meet him the next day.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann

In tonight's episode of Teri Meri Doriyaann, Sahiba (Himanshi Parashar) questions Angad (Vijayendra Kumeria) about whether the names they've encountered are food items or puzzles. Angad responds, revealing the sweet as "jalebi." Sahiba humorously compares the nickname transformation of Rakesh to Rocky and Ramesh to Rambo, teasingly asking if they charge for English translations along with the food bill. She teasingly links it to the complexity of simple matters. Angad draws a parallel with their relationship. She describes their relationship as akin to jalebi – twisted yet sweet. Amidst their banter, Angad receives a call and excuses himself to answer it. Seizing the opportunity, a stranger attempts to photograph them discreetly. Angad notices the camera just as a waiter unintentionally collides with him. The stranger feigns innocence, pretending to capture shots of others.

Keerat and Sweety discuss their wrestling training, acknowledging Keerat's higher chances of victory. The coach asks Keerat why she's practising less despite making the team. Keerat denies it and is told to spar with Ritu. Ritu suggests Keerat might want to lose today, but Keerat confidently says the winner will become clear soon. During this, the coach inappropriately touches Keerat without her noticing, and he looks at her with bad intentions. Angad receives an unexpected visit from a guy who mistakes him for Sunny Sood, leading to a brief confusion with Sahiba. Meanwhile, a mysterious guy plans to install a microphone in Angad and Sahiba's room, instructing the staff to keep them occupied.

Sahiba suggests a beach visit in Mumbai, but Angad is momentarily distracted by the mistaken identity encounter. Sahiba playfully urges him to focus on her, and they discuss food preferences. The waiter takes their order, and the manager orchestrates a plan to keep them engaged. While Sahiba attempts to help Angad with his spicy pasta, he rejects her assistance, resulting in a playful moment. As Angad gets hiccups from the spice, Sahiba teases him, taking a photo. Upset, Angad requests the bill, unaware of the manager's strategy to delay their departure.

On the other hand, Seerat brings tea for everyone, but no one wants it. Jasleen mentions that Seerat might forget her past schemes if she serves good dinner and tea. While Seerat tries to place a teacup down, it spills on the table. She cleans up the mess. Manbeer tells Japjyot that both sisters seem to be up to something. Seerat receives a mysterious call. Inder informs them that Angad ate spicy food, and Sahiba took his photo. Manbeer is upset, thinking Sahiba is making fun of him. Japjyot comments that Angad gets acidity with spicy "Food." Prapjyot suggests Seerat answer the call, thinking someone might want to talk to her with ten missed calls. Seerat takes the phone and leaves.


The waiter tries to prolong Angad's stay with the suggestion of ice cream. Seerat receives a call from the mysterious guy, acknowledging that she received his message but can't respond at her convenience. She mentions that her current situation is quite good, emphasizing that her personal life is her own and questions why she should discuss it with him. Seerat inquires about the reason for his call, asserting that she won't meet him. Expressing frustration, she wonders why he didn't inform her during their previous meeting. Despite her reservations, she decides to meet him the next day and concludes the call. Meanwhile, the manager continues his plan to keep Angad occupied. Concerned about Sahiba's whereabouts, Angad calls her multiple times. The manager informs him that Sahiba went to the beach, leaving Angad worried about her safety.

Precap: Sahiba prepares to propose to Angad with a rose at the beach, but their romantic moment is interrupted by people addressing him as Sunny Sood. A girl claims an engagement with him, leaving Sahiba bewildered.

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Yeh kya sentence hai bhai…”Japjyot comments that Angad gets acidity with spicy "phone”

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