Teri Meri Doriyaann: Sahiba reunites with Akeer, who is angry at Angad

Teri Meri Doriyaann written update, 24 May 2024: Sahiba takes Akeer to his room and sends the maid away, saying Akeer's mother is with him.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann: Sahiba reunites with Akeer, who is angry at Angad
Akeer and Sahiba from Teri Meri Doriyaann. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

In tonight's Teri Meri Doriyaann, Diljeet's (Yogendra Vikram Singh) guard points a machine gun at Angad (Vijayendra Kumeria) and commands him to drop his weapon. Diljeet then takes the machine gun from the guard and threatens Angad, asserting that his gun is loaded, unlike Angad's. Sahiba (Himanshi Parashar) urgently tells Diljeet to lower the weapon. Hearing Sahiba's voice, Akeer exclaims that his mother is here. The maid asks if Akeer found his queen puppet, and Akeer insists that his mother is present.

Sahiba agrees to marry Diljeet and says Angad will give her away. She asks Diljeet to lower the gun and let Akeer leave with Angad. Diljeet points out that Angad hasn't lowered his weapon or said what he needs to hear. Angad finally puts his gun down. Diljeet orders his guards to leave but stay nearby. He insists Angad hasn't said what he wants to hear. Sahiba urges Angad to comply. Angad confesses he's there to kill Diljeet. Diljeet taunts that his son won't see him as a father if he kills him and demands Angad admit defeat if he wants to take Akeer with him.

Akeer calls Angad his enemy:

Akeer enters and asks Diljeet why he wants the "enemy uncle" to take him away. Angad is stunned to hear his son call him an enemy. Diljeet asks how it feels to hear his son use such a term. Sahiba pleads with Angad not to overreact. Akeer hugs Sahiba, and she signals Angad to stay calm. Angad recalls telling Manbeer that they need to reveal the truth to Akeer gradually. Diljeet plans to prevent Angad from taking Akeer and to win Sahiba over.

Akeer asks Sahiba what his father is saying. Sahiba says that his father was asking Angad not to take his son away. Akeer declares he will never go with the enemy uncle and accuses Angad of keeping his mother away from his father and him. Sahiba asks who taught him this, and Akeer replies it was his father. Angad realizes Diljeet is poisoning his son's mind against him and assures Akeer he won't take his mother away. Akeer asks Sahiba if she will leave him again, and she reassures him.

Sahiba comforts Akeer:

Noticing his queen puppet, Akeer runs to it. Angad sees a gun under the puppet and discreetly pushes it under the sofa. Akeer warns Angad not to come near him and hugs Diljeet. Sahiba encourages Akeer to take his queen puppet. Akeer retrieves it, and Sahiba urges Diljeet to show some humanity in front of the child, taking Akeer away.

Diljeet asks Angad who he thinks is the bigger man. Akeer tells Sahiba he missed her and spoke to his queen puppet when she was away. Sahiba notices cameras around and realizes she can't easily take Akeer away. She takes him to his room and sends the maid away, saying Akeer's mother is with him. Akeer asks if she will leave him again, and Sahiba reassures him, asking which story he wants to hear. Akeer requests the story of the queen and her prince, which she hadn't finished before.

Diljeet asks Angad to create a hashtag for Sahiba and Diljeet:

Diljeet tells Angad to go home and prepare for his and Sahiba's wedding. He says they will get engaged using the same ring Angad brought, and Angad should create a hashtag for Sahiba and Diljeet, #SAJIT, for the engagement ceremony. Angad admits he is helpless because of his son. Diljeet dismisses him and reminds him that Akeer and Sahiba are under his control.

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