Teri Meri Doriyaann: Rumi adopts the disguise of a clown to kidnap Sahiba

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show 'Teri Meri Doriyaann,' Ajith accuses Manbeer and Seerat of being responsible for Sahiba leaving the house, while Rumi reveals Sahiba's abduction.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann

In tonight's Teri Meri Doriyaann episode, Ajith accuses Manbeer and Seerat of being responsible for Sahiba leaving the house and Angad's alleged involvement in her demise. Ajith informs Akaal of his intention to testify against Angad, hoping to secure his imprisonment. Manbeer desperately pleads with Ajith to reconsider, but Ajith remains resolute, expressing a wish for Angad to face severe consequences in life. Rumi offers Sahiba her favourite "adrat wala chai," but Sahiba pushes it away, accidentally burning her hand. Rumi vows to shower Sahiba with love and fulfil all her desires. Sahiba reflects on how she ended up in her current situation. Rumi reveals that he brought her to the location, recounting an incident in the lawn area.

In a disturbing turn of events, Rumi disguises himself as a clown and uses chloroform to render Sahiba unconscious. He dresses her as a lady clown and carries her away from the Brar mansion. Constables discuss the impending guilty verdict for Angad, while Angad, desperate to escape, injures his hand. The constables notice the blood and decide to inform the inspector. The inspector orders the van to stop.

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Sahiba deeply regrets her decisions, realizing she should not have forgiven Rumi. She pleads with Rumi not to mention Angad's name, fearing his anger. Rumi refuses to let her go and reveals his sinister intentions. He insists that Sahiba will meet his mother. The inspector questions the constables about Angad's injury. They claim ignorance, leading the inspector to release Angad's handcuffs for medical attention. Sahiba expresses her determination not to cooperate with Rumi, even if it means her own demise.

DCP meets with Akaal, and the lawyer inquires about Angad's whereabouts. DCP promises to investigate. DCP contacts Inspector Ahuja, who informs him of Angad's injury. DCP instructs the inspector to take Angad to the hospital. A crowd gathers around the van, gossiping about Angad and expressing a desire for his public punishment due to the alleged crime. Angad seizes the opportunity to escape, pushing past the officers. The inspector contemplates shooting him but refrains due to the surrounding crowd. Angad manages to evade the pursuing officers. Rumi tightly secures Sahiba with ropes and ominously hints that his mother will meet her soon. He warns her not to attempt any deceit and brandishes his firearm.

Precap: Rumi threatens Sahiba, insisting that she must smile as she is about to meet his mother, or he will resort to extreme measures to make her do so permanently.

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