Teri Meri Doriyaann: Angad professes Sahiba to be everything for him and warns Seerat not to follow him

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Teri Meri Doriyaann, Seerat attempts to convince, but Angad declares Sahiba as his entire universe, telling her not to pursue him.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann

In tonight's Teri Meri Doriyaann, Angad confides in Keerat, expressing his intention to persuade Sahiba to stay, but upon hearing Keerat's words, he senses that Sahiba has already made the decision to leave their home. Veer pleads with Angad not to lose hope and to make an effort to convince Sahiba otherwise. However, Angad dismisses their concerns, suggesting they leave the matter alone. Manbeer takes Angad aside. Inder announces a musical chair game involving Sahiba and Simran. Simran emerges as the winner, and Inder rewards her, extending his congratulations. Manbeer, accompanied by Angad, approaches Simran, encouraging her to join her friends. Manbeer, however, has an announcement to make. Inder hands her a microphone. Manbeer calls Angad to her side and begins to express her feelings. She describes Angad as the source of great joy in her life but acknowledges that a grave mistake was made in choosing Sahiba as his life partner.

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Manbeer's words leave the gathering bewildered, and Manbeer asks Angad to join her. She discloses that the family had forced Angad into an unfortunate marriage with Sahiba and that now that Sahiba is out of his life, she wishes for Angad to marry Seerat, who holds only favourable opinions about Angad and the Brar family. This revelation shocks the Brar family and Sahiba, but Seerat appears pleased with the suggestion. Manbeer calls Seerat to the stage, and their announcement stirs various opinions among the guests. Guests discuss the tension between Angad and Sahiba, and some express concern over Seerat's interest in her late sister's husband, Garry. Prabjot inquires whether Angad will indeed marry Seerat, to which Hansraj suggests that he might, as Garry is not here to elope with Seerat this time.

Inder confronts Manbeer about her supposed joke and questions Angad's knowledge. Angad claims to be just as surprised and requests a private conversation with Manbeer. Jasleen inquires about the appropriateness of announcing her daughter-in-law's wedding with Angad in such a manner, leading to Sahiba's distress. Gurleen and Veer offer support to Sahiba and criticize Manbeer's announcement. Keerat suggests that Angad's silence implies he didn't want to stop Sahiba and might have other intentions. Gurleen reassures Sahiba that she will be Angad's only wife and confronts Manbeer.


The entire Brar family confronts Manbeer, expressing their disapproval of her decision. However, Manbeer remains adamant, asserting that Angad's happiness lies in marrying Seerat. Seerat approaches Sahiba and claims that regardless of what the family says or Manbeer thinks, she will marry Angad, who has always been his choice. She urges Sahiba to leave Angad's life peacefully, prompting Sahiba to depart. Angad tries to stop her, but various family members intervene, preventing him from following Sahiba.

Seerat discusses with Manbeer the family's opposition to her decision and seeks guidance. Manbeer insists that she will stand by her announcement. Angad inquires about Sahiba's whereabouts and pleads with Veer and Keerat for information. Keerat tells Angad to stop pretending concern for Sahiba and let her go. Angad rushes out of the house, and Seerat attempts to stop him, but he rebuffs her and questions her alliance with Manbeer. Angad asks Seerat not to follow him and remarks that Sahiba is his everything, no matter what misunderstanding they have between them. Jasleen overhears their conversation and taunts Seerat for her failed plan. Angad asks the guards if they saw Sahiba, and when they respond negatively, he leaves in his car, hoping to find Sahiba and ensure her safety.

Precap: Angad pleads with Sahiba to listen to him and correct the misunderstanding caused by Manbeer's announcement. However, he is shocked to find Sahiba lifeless, with scissors lodged in her neck. The police arrest him on charges of murdering his wife.

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