Temptation Island India: Meet the guy who has kissed 40-45 girls

The latest episode will be full of revelations and will not disappoint anyone!

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Nishank Swami

Temptation Island India is becoming increasingly popular with each passing day, captivating the audience with its juicy drama. Viewers are hooked to the episodes and on Temptation Channel on JioCinema. The latest episode will be full of revelations and will not disappoint anyone!

In tonight's episode, the Queen of Hearts, Mouni Roy, introduced an exciting new love experiment game for the boys at their villa. This game involved a spicy twist on the classic musical chairs, where participants had the chance to uncover their fellow contestants' secrets.

In one thrilling round, Urvi Shetty had the opportunity to sit with Nishank Swami, and she wasted no time in delving into his hidden truths. Her burning question: "How many girls have you kissed in your life?" To everyone's astonishment, Nishank candidly responded, "Somewhere around 40-45."

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This revelation left everyone in a state of shock and amazement. But Nishank was not the only one to unveil secrets. Some participants confessed to having been in multiple relationships simultaneously, while others openly discussed their penchant for public displays of affection (PDA).As the game continued, it promised even more drama, fun, and secrets waiting to be uncovered. Temptation Island has truly become a rollercoaster of emotions, keeping its audience on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating what will happen next. With each passing episode, it's clear that the show is only getting bigger and better, leaving viewers craving for more.

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