'Jab Mila Tu' promo offers a deeper glimpse into the lives of four unique individuals

Following the excitement generated by the teaser, the 'Jab Mila Tu' promo offers a deeper glimpse into the lives of four unique individuals, played by Mohsin Khan, Eisha Singh, Pratik Sejpal and Alisha Chopra. 

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Jab Mila Tu

Not all love stories unfold in the quintessential way of "ek ladka aur ladki mile aur pyaar ho gaya"; some find their way through unforeseen situations, chaos, and emotional turmoil. Jab Mila Tu on JioCinema is one such slice-of-life drama series that explores a unique journey of love and friendship in today's day and age. Streaming for free from 22nd January 2024, Jab Mila Tu is a 24-episode series, with four episodes premiering weekly. Directed by Lalit Mohan, created by Nisheeth Neelkanth and Harjeet Chhabra and produced by Two Nice Men, Jab Mila Tu will also be available in Tamil, Kannada, and Bengali. Following the excitement generated by the teaser, the promo offers a deeper glimpse into the lives of four unique individuals, played by Mohsin Khan, Eisha Singh, Pratick Sejpal and Alisha Chopra. 

Set against the scenic and lively backdrop of Goa, Jab Mila Tu is about Maddy, a maverick superstar singer, and Aneri, a passionate chef, who is forced to come under one roof owing to an unforeseen situation. What follows is a series of confusion peppered by moments of laughter. Aneri cleverly uses social media to spin fake love stories, while Maddy, not one to be outdone, hires an actor to entangle her in a fabricated romance. However, destiny has its own plans - Jab They Collide, Hoga ek Mad Ride! A rollercoaster of laughter, romance, and unexpected twists awaits, keeping the viewers hooked from the very first episode.

Mohsin Khan shares his role as Maddy and says, "Maddy is a passionate, larger-than-life character who is also dealing with emotional upheavals off-stage. Jab Mila Tu is about a refreshing young romance that gives me an opportunity to connect with the Gen-Z and understand their idea of love - off-beat yet refreshing. Getting into the skin of Maddy's character has been exciting. The moment I knew I was playing a musician, the first name that came to my mind was the legendary Jim Morrison. He has been such an inspiration. I also lost about 12kgs to portray Maddy with absolute authenticity."

Eisha Singh commented, "There's always a certain charm in portraying a character who, in many ways, mirrors my life – finding happiness in simple things and enjoying every moment, like Aneri finds joy in baking. Through the course of the show, all of us felt like we're hanging out with friends with such a positive vibe all around. The audience will feel similar energy and will surely be entertained. Being a part of this adventure is something I'll always cherish."

Pratik Sejpal, on portraying the quirky character Jigar, shares, "With Jab Mila Tu, I discovered a whole new side to myself. My character keeps a perfect balance of being the Dilli ka ladka, who is smart, unafraid, and someone who can be intense and not be swayed by emotions. The essence of the chaotic love story made me say yes to the script, as I had never done something like this before. It felt challenging at first, but as the show progressed, I have had the time of my life playing Jigar. Playing this role has been a joyful experience, and I can't wait for everyone to enjoy the laughter and surprises we have in store for the show! At times even I was surprised with the spontaneous performance which arose during the middle of a scene. Organically and on the basis of my own personal experiences, along with the priceless insights, ideas and vision of our great Director Lalit sir and the writer cum producer Neeshith sir, Jigar came into existence. From staying hungry for 24 hours plus on several days and abstaining from even having water to look chiselled multiple times and to actually grab onto the accent and, body language and tone, Jigar was born. I'm as excited as everyone else is to watch the magic."

Alisha Chopra added, "The character of Mint is fearless and stylish, someone who believes in absolute perfection and knows her way through everything. However, as the story progresses, Mint also goes through a series of emotions that influence other relationship dynamics, and I feel this is what makes Jab Mila Tu different. It showcases a range of emotions and changes through its storyline and characters, keeping the core concept of young romance intact. It was a blast shooting for the show in Goa, and it definitely holds a special place in my heart." 

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