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Telly Celebs on Fathers day!

Tellybuzz in talks with celebs on this very special Fathers day.

Tellybuzz got in touch with your favorite stars to know how they felt about 'Father's Day' - All echoed the sentiments that their fathers are their heroes!

Nicole Alvares: Its simple all girls will find their prince charming but their dads will always be their king ! Dads are around to show us that not all boys are like the ones who ll hurt us , I'm daddy's little girl and he is my driving force!

Siddharth Shukla: My fathers the one man I always aspired to be he taught me to be strong and be the man I am!

Yuvraj Thakur: I have seen my father like a personal light house which guides in life .. I have learn't from my father's experiences in life.. the things i should do and the things I shouldn't do ..Well like every kid my father was my hero .. He still is .. But as a kid I believed that he can do things that even superman can't lol .. Hehe

Krystle Dsouza: My dad is the sweetest , cutest , and most adorable father any one can have. We share a typical father-daughter relationship. He pampers me to a different level :) but is also very strict when needed. I love him a lot and I wanna wish him a very happy fathers day ! Love u daddu

Ronit Roy: So.. Since I'm shooting on fathers day I took my children out for fathers day dinner yesterday and I asked them" they say a father is a boys first hero and a daughters first love." My son said "no baba I'm your hero" and my daughter said " you're my first love, more than God"

Hiten Tejwani: Every day for me is a Mothers day and Fathers day...You don't need a day to express your love when you do love them whole heartily everyday!

Dilip Joshi: I don't believe in such days! Mothers day, fathers day and all, these are the days created by western culture because they don't have occasions like we have to celebrate! We love our Parents and there cannot be one day to thank them or express our love to them, WE SHOULD DO IT EVERYDAY...

Mukti Mohan: Being a father is easy but to become a "Daddy" is not.. He gave me the right foundation n moral values at the right age and I'm so glad he gave the freedom to express the Art forms because that's not common in a middle class families in Delhi specially. During my college days  he was super strict n the villain of my life because he was protective and I couldn't understand it at that time..but now I do realize how much I learn't from it.. N now we r like friends.. He travels with me to my shoots we hang out talk n even drink together.. A small Conversation in day gives me so much power and motivation to do well in life.. Love u daddy :)

Shilpa Anand:Even though my father is no more in this world ... I feel he is there looking over me n my family like a guardian angel ... Love u dad happy fathers day!

Vishal Karwal: best friend who will never show his back when u need him...biggest strength in this whole wide world...just him:)

Chetan Hansraj: The greatest gift I ever had was from God and I call him my Dad! I love my dad! Happy fathers day!

Gurmeet Choudhary: my love for dad is unconditional... I just can't express how much I love him! He is my only Hero and I respect him more and more everyday day for all what he has done for me till date! I LOVE YOU DAD! Happy Fathers day :)

Vishal Singh: Thanks for being there for me, believing in me and encouraging me to dream and being such an inspiring presence in my life!whatever I am today it is because of You.. Love you Dad, Happy Fathers Day!

Sukirti Kandpal: I would firstly like to wish my father a very very happy fathers day. My father has been my pillar of strength. And an inspirations. He recently became the deputy advocate general of Uttranchal.. And I'm very happy for him.. He's worked very hard in life to gimme whatever I wanted. He's never said no to anything. I'm a dad's proud girl. Happy Fathers Day!

Reporter and Author: Krishma Solanki


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goofyCat 5 years ago Siddharth Shukla nice to read your affectionate thoughts about your father.. You are truly a perfect man like him!!
NatalyMusketeer 5 years ago Siddharth Shukla, you are not only handsome, you are also very smart.
Nandita_Siddian 5 years ago Siddharth Shukla, your Interviews are always very nice to read. Love your relation with your father.
indiangirl1987 5 years ago Siddharth Shukla, love your relation ship with your parents.
Justnandi 5 years ago Love you Siddharth Shukla, Love your love and respect to wards your parents.
nemra 8 years ago yuvraj u r the best...
love u lot...
Maham 8 years ago Shilpa is the best!!!love u loads shona...yeah
Vishakha_Sakhi 8 years ago Awesome answers my hotties Guru and Sid!! Love you guys!! <3
shruti_kashian 8 years ago LOVE U DR. RIDDHIMA GUPTA :)
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