Anupamaa: Aadhya learns the truth and urges Shruti's return

Anupamaa written update, 21 February 2024: Aadhya urges Anuj to bring Shruti back into their lives, rejecting the possibility of Anupama's return.

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Anupamaa: Aadhya learns the truth and urges Shruti's return
Aadhya of Anupamaa urges Anuj to bring Shruti back

In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Anuj inquires of Shruti, expressing a desire to maintain their friendship as they once did. Shruti acknowledges that she could have stayed if their relationship remained platonic, but she emphasises the complexities introduced by romantic feelings. Aadhya arrives on the scene and seeks clarification on the situation. Shruti discloses her decision to leave the household. Aadhya wonders if Anupama is the cause of Shruti's departure, affirming her role as a maternal figure and pleading with Shruti to reconsider. 

Shruti's firm decision:

Anuj and Aadhya both urge Shruti to stay, citing her indispensable role in their lives. Despite their pleas, Shruti stands firm in her decision, expressing disappointment at Anuj's lack of wholehearted support and love, and resolves to depart. She reassures Aadhya of her enduring affection and promises to be there for her when needed, but insists on leaving. Shruti exits, recalling Anupama's words. A tearful Aadhya seeks solace in Anuj's embrace. Anuj expresses regret at his unsuccessful attempts to persuade Shruti to stay, while Aadhya, grappling with the situation, tries to reassure him with a hopeful comment. 

Aadhya warns Anuj:

Anupama experiences restlessness as she senses Shruti's departure. Shruti, torn, finds herself unable to leave as she discovers a framed photograph of Anupama, Anuj, and Choti hidden behind another. She realises that Anupama has always been a factor in their relationship. Shruti, however, asserts her decision to leave, acknowledging the absence of a romantic connection between herself and Anuj and bidding farewell before departing. 

Anuj and Aadhya
Anuj reveals the truth to Aadhya in Anupamaa

Anuj attempts to console Aadhya, who blames Anupama for the rift. Anuj admits his lingering feelings for Anupama and confesses to having disclosed them to Shruti, which Aadhya perceives as a betrayal of her trust. Determined to rectify the situation, Aadhya urges him to bring Shruti back into their lives, rejecting the possibility of Anupama's return. Distraught, she retreats to her room and vents her frustration by breaking objects.

Vanraj shares his plans to relocate to America in the show Anupamaa

Vanraj shares his plans:

Dimple suspects Pakhi's intention, while Pakhi harbours her own thoughts about Dimple. Dimple reminisces about Titu elsewhere while Vanraj observes her changed behaviour after Titu's visit, sensing a hidden truth. However, Titu believes Dimple is resolute and won't retreat. Meanwhile, Aadhya grieves in her room, yearning for Shruti's presence. Vanraj summons everyone, including Baa and Bapuji, and shares his intention to relocate to America. Anupama visits Kinjal's house, only to be surprised by news of Anuj offering Toshu a job opportunity.

Precap for the next episode:

In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Anuj discovers Aadhya's absence from the room and alerts Anupama. Vanraj proposes a trip to America to Baa. A terrified Aadhya faces an attack while seated on a bench, calling out for her mother. Anupama rushes to her aid, fiercely confronting the assailant to protect her daughter.

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