Television industry is fast-paced & making genuine connections on the set is rare: Neha Rana

Neha Rana, of Colors TV's show Junooniyatt speaks her heart out on the dynamics in the entertainment industry.

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Neha Rana

In the world of entertainment, chasing dreams often demands actors to begin their journeys far from the comforts of the home. Neha Rana, who essays the role of Elahi in COLORS’ ‘Junooniyatt’ resonates with this situation as she resides and shoots for the show in Chandigarh, far away from her mother in Ludhiana. The popular show has been entertaining the viewers with its story of love and music, spearheaded by Ankit Gupta (Jahaan), Gautam Singh Vig (Jordan), and Neha Rana (Elahi). 

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In the current story track, Jahaan is trying to find the truth behind Jordan and Elahi's sudden marriage. Amid the turmoil of her reel life, Neha Rana shares that staying away from her mother has its own set of challenges. The talented actor remarks that her co-actor Gurvinder Kaur, who plays the role of her mother-in-law has been her happy place as she dotes on her like a mother. The reel daughter-in-law and mother-in-law get on like a house on fire as they share meals, laughter, and their experiences as actors. 

Talking about her bond with Gurvinder Kaur, Neha Rana says, “Being away from my mother to pursue my dreams as an actor has been a bittersweet journey. On the bright side, it is a privilege to be enlivening this story for the audience and making my mother proud while doing so. Just the sight of my mother can turn my day around and I miss relishing meals prepared by her. Thankfully, my reel mother-in-law Gurvinder Kaur dotes on me and treats me like her child on set. This industry is often known for its fast-paced lifestyle, and making this genuine connection with her is what I will cherish for a lifetime. Moreover, she is an awesome mother-in-law onscreen. I think every married girl deserves an understanding mother-in-law like her.”   

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