Teen Bahuraniyan Special in Rock N Roll Family..

Rock N Rolly Family on Saturday will witness a Teen Bahuraniyan Special which will have the Maharanis and Bahuraniyan of Gheewala family performing on stage! But there was an anti-climax to the whole shoot, catch the details here...

Rock N Roll Family, on Zee will witness a Teen Bahuraniyan Special this Saturday, April 26th in which the Maharanis and Bahuraniyan of the Gheewala family will be seen dancing on stage.

Though the ladies of the family sweated it out at the rehearsals to put up a brave front before the judges – Ajay, Kajol and Tanuja, they just could not get to the stage and perform before the very popular trio! The celebrities had panic attacks and simply refused to perform, and ultimately shot for the sequence without the judges being a witness to their performance!!

Talking about this incident, Satish Dutt, Director of Rock N Roll Family said, “The bahus and saas of Teen Bahuraniyan were to perform on two separate numbers and eventually unite and perform together. But we had to face lot of hurdles in shooting this sequence. Firstly, the bahus did not get enough time to come to rehearsals. Two ladies amongst the Saas never get along well and are not in talking terms with each other. One step in the dance required the first saas to place a flower on the second, and the second to the third. But the second saas did not even keep the flower on the third one’s head. Another dance step required them to hold hands, but the two ladies were not ready to touch each other. Ultimately, they refused to shoot the sequence before the judges, and then when they shot for the number, we had to go on and on for 3 hours to finish the dance sequence. But I eventually managed it”.

Well, though all’s not well in the Gheewala sets, all’s well that ends well at least in the case of Rock N Roll Family!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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can't wait to see their act.

15 years ago

eeeek why so much hard feelings among each otha?

15 years ago

Thanks for the ariticle..
Too bad they all couldn't get together and put up with each other for a few hours.

15 years ago

i wonder which two can't get along?

15 years ago

thanks the third bahu with janki and bindiaya is not kajal she is payal.that mean payal going to be a theird bahu.

15 years ago

Who are the two saas' who dont get along with each other?? :O All three maharaniyas share such great chemistry, phir bhi? :O

15 years ago

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