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#Teaser: Parag Tyagi looks his MENACING best as 'Aghori' in this teaser

Oh and we saw Gaurav Chopraa too...


The much-awaited teaser of Zee TV's upcoming show, Aghori finally released which showed Parag Tyagi in the titular role and a glimpse of Gaurav Chopra too. The show has been in the works for quite some time now and a lot has been said about the concept of the same too. But it just became marginally clear as the teaser was out.

It begins with close-ups of Aghori's attire and appearance which includes a large tikka on his forehead and a skull-band on his hand. This is then followed by a wide-out shot of Aghori himself.

Straight away, Parag Tyagi looks scary as well as vicious as Aghori in the teaser and his bulging out eyes makes him appear more menacing than ever. The man is now pretty much a pro at disguises having done the role of Brahmarakshas earlier.

The teaser ends with Parag's Aghori sitting and it making its way as a tattoo on the back of who seems like man who worships Lord Shiva and a girl hugging him. 

This certainly leaves a massive impact and even though the teaser doesn't reveal much, it instantly has a connect to the fans who love this genre a lot, which indeed is on the rise for sure.
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aparupanath 2015-05-06T11:40:06Z wow, Deepika Padukone and BigB are so much matching the daughter-father relation.
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