Tarun Mehta's encounter with cops!

Tarun Mehta aka Swarn Prakash of Zee TV's Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli recently had a bad time with the cops...

Misunderstandings sometimes put you in trouble and the same was experienced by Tarun Mehta aka Swarn Prakash from Zee TV's Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli. Recently he had a horrific time when he was surrounded by cops aiming their guns at him. Read further.

A khabroo informs, "It so happened that the actor was shooting late night when he got a call that one of his relatives has been admitted in the hospital due to heart attack. Tarun instantly left the shoot and speeded his car towards the hospital. He was so engrossed and tense that he didn't even realize that cops have put up a check post where he had to stop the car".

"As his car passed this area without stopping, the cops started following him in their van. The police van soon overtook Tarun's car and came to a speeding halt in front of his car. The very next moment Tarun was stunned only to realize that his car was surrounded by  cops and he was at their gun points", adds our source.

We contacted Tarun to know his horrifying experience. "I was shocked and didn't understand how to react. I was treated as if I am a terrorist. The inspector came to me and ordered me to come out of the car. As he harshly questioned me I realized my mistake and explained him my problem. Thankfully, one of the cops recognized me as an actor and I was left without any further queries," shares Tarun. 

Hope Tarun you learned a lesson out of this experience!

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar


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rouble_lover 9 years ago To the writer: You hope that he learns his lesson?! o_O When it wasn't even his fault to begin with! he was just worried abt his relative and was thinking abt his relative the whole time.. if it was some other time, i'm sure he wldnt have made this mistake! sheesh ppl.. way to put ppl in a 'bad light.' I'm just glad he got out of that situation without getting hurt! and Hope his relative is in a better condition..
WooHooHaha21 9 years ago Aww.. Hope his relative gets well soon..
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