Tanaaz Irani enters Shree..

The actress will be helping Shree to fight against the ghostly powers of Kangana..

Tanaaz Irani will soon be seen on Zee's Shree. She will be entering the show to lend a helping hand to the main protagonist. Besides that, Tanaaz-Bakhtiyar has been offered Hans Baliye on Star One too.

According to our source, "She plays Mangda Ben who knows Tantrik Vidya, and she comes to the Raghuvanshi house disguised as a servant to help Shree fight against the evil power".

Talking about her stint in Shree, Tanaaz states, "It's an interesting role, and the lady can see ghosts. I am here in the show to help Shree find out where the ghost is. It's going to be a cameo for two months".

Detailing more about the character the actress adds, "My character has a comic touch too. Another thing is that she can go off into tangent easily while doing something. This is the only problem with her. She will help Shree locate where the spirit of Kangana is".

What was the reason for taking up such a role? "It's very challenging and different; it is better than standing up and saying some line", quips the actress.

Tanaaz poses a very different look for the show. "It's a look of a villager but not a typical one. My main USP is my hair, but I am donning a different hair style here. Being a stage actress I was very comfortable in the character and the attire", she chirps.

Coming back to Star One's Hans Baliye, the actress quips "We have been offered, but nothing has been finalized as of now. Let's see what happens, though I would love to work with my hubby", she concludes.

After Aruna Irani and Madhurima, it is Tanaz's chance to bag a meaty cameo in Shree.
Let's see how this track goes..

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Sounds like the shows getting interesting...

14 years ago

Looks like the show will be getting good again!

14 years ago

Good now Shree doesnt have to fight alone!!

14 years ago

@Preeti:Agree. I hope Shree finds out about Kangana being in Bindiya''s body soon!!

14 years ago

finally someone to help that grl
am certainly not liking that ghost in bindiya

14 years ago


14 years ago

WOW...Thats Great..I think shree''s storyline is going well..

14 years ago

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