'Taare Bole' - On Nach Baliye 4..

Shri Pankaj Gupta, well known astrologer analyzes the planetary positions of the 12 Jodis of Nach Baliye 4 and gives exclusive details to Telly Buzz on their progress in the show, along with certain tips for betterment..

Star Plus’ Nach Baliye 4 starts on 17th October 2008 at 8:00 pm and here is Shri. Pankaj Gupta, a renowned astrologer based in Delhi and Meerut analyzing the progress of the 12 Jodis in the competition. He also gives out certain tips that will enable them have a relatively smooth run thro’ the competition.

“The start date and time of Nach Baliye 4 falls on the Taurus ascendant and is very much favorable for the launch of the show. The show starts amidst good planetary positions, and as weeks pass by the popularity of the program will reach scaling heights. Here is my heartiest wishes for the success of the show”, says Pankaj Gupta who has clients all over India, which include few celebrities too.

Jodi #1 – Vineet Raina and Tanushree Kaushal:
Vineet: The movement of the moon does not favor you much in the competition, but you should not worry about that. As per your Kundali, Venus is very powerful now and will help you go till the end of the competition. Wear a red raksha thread on Tuesday in your hand and consume honey everyday.

Tanushree: You do not believe much in astrology, but as per your planetary positions, there is a ‘Gajkesari’ Yog which is positive. This yog will help you as well as your partner to go a long way in the show. Keep with you any red flower for ten minutes and that will do a lot of good.

Jodi # 2 – Amit Gupta and Reshmi Ghosh:
Amit: This is a very lucky period for you, and you will go much ahead in the competition. To avoid hurdles it is advised that you should eat white colored sweets before the competition and offer water to the Lord Shiv's shivling every Monday.

Reshmi: It is a very interesting coincidence that the horoscopes of Reshmi and Amit have many a similarities. Stars are shining bright and the duo will perform better. Put a silver ring in your middle finger.

Jodi # 3 – Karnvir Bohra and Teejay Siddhu:
Karnvir: You will perform well as written in your horoscope and there are bright chances of you going till the end. The moon is not in the right position due to which your performances can be affected slightly, without any fault of yours. However, take care of your health as there are chances of accidents which can hinder your performances. Every Wednesday, put a coconut in the sea.

Teejay: Your kundali indicates that luck is shining bright. Your Venus is powerful which will also give support to your partner. Wear your lucky stone Emerald of 5.5 carat in the smallest finger of your right hand.

Jodi # 4 – Naman Shaw and Megha Gupta:
Naman: As your Kundali shows, you might be criticized by many people in the show. It is advised that you keep your cool and ignore negative comments thrown at you. As per the movements of planets, you have capability and efficiency to perform better and will surely be one of the toughest contenders. Keep some flour near the tree every Saturday so that ants could have it.

Megha: Your Kundali suggests that you are very hardworking. The position of Venus will enable you to show your efficiency to the highest level and you will perform very well. Keep some boiled rice in the balcony of your house so that the birds can have it.

Jodi # 5 – Kapil Nirmal and Anjali Abrol:
Kapil: Your horoscope indicates that Venus is very lucky for you and this is a very good phase of your life. Your helpful nature will get you a good name and will take you far in the competition. Wear a diamond ring on the middle finger of your right hand on Friday.

Anjali: Your belief in God and dedication in work will lift you high as you have a ‘Rajyog’ in your horoscope. You'll make your identity in the competition. After 2010 September, you'll earn fame in the field of music and cinema. Wear 5.5 carat Emerald in your right hand smallest finger on Thursday.

Jodi # 6 – Mohit Mallik and Aditi Shirwaikar:
Mohit: The position of Mars in your horoscope is not favorable during the show. Unnecessary hurdles will come your way. But you can ward off the bad effects by offering Prasad to Hanumanji every Tuesday. Also put a tilak on your forehead taking the sindoor from the feet of the Lord.

Aditi: You will be mentally very drained out during the competition. But my advise to you is to not think much and concentrate on your rehearsals and performances. Before you leave home, chant ‘Gan Gan Pataye Namaha’ and step out with your right foot first. Also wear a Ganesh pendant in your neck or keep it with you in your purse.
Jodi # 7 – Sudeep Sahir and Anantika: 
Sudeep: Your planetary position is well-placed throughout the competition. Your hard work and dedication will pay off. Wear a 6.5 carat Emerald ring in your right hand smallest finger, and before stepping out of the house, worship the Sun God.
Anantika: The positions of planets in your kundali are not favorable which can hinder your performances. But do not let your motivation levels drop as your partner’s planetary positions are very good and it will be favorable for you too. Wear a copper ring in your right hand middle finger on Sunday morning and have some sugar before you leave home.

Jodi # 8 – Mazher Sayed and Mouli Ganguly:
Mazher: Your planetary position is just fine as of now. You need to put in more efforts to go ahead in the competition. Wear a silver chain around your neck and have some eatable made out of ‘Besan’ every Thursday.

Mouli: You will give good performances in the competition. But take extra care of your legs as severe pain or a sprain is on the cards. Apply Mustard oil to your legs and toes every Saturday and drink water from a silver glass.

Jodi # 9 – Jaspal Bhatti and Savita Bhatti:
Jaspal: According to your horoscope the moon is in Gemini and its swami is in the 8th house which can cause some trouble while performing in the show. You need to work very hard to get success. Every Wednesday feed some green eatables to an animal.

Savita: Your ‘Sadesathi’ is going on and the moon in your kundali is in Virgo. The cards suggest that you should look into your own capability and thus perform accordingly. Wear an iron ring in you right hand middle finger.

Jodi # 10 – Jatin Shah and Priya Bhatija:
Jatin: Your planetary positions are very good and it will be favorable during your run in the competition. You will get fame and name in this show. Please place some grains everyday for the birds. 

Priya: The position of Mars in your horoscope indicates that you are very hardworking and this will give you all the success in the competition. Wear a 5.5 carat pearl in your right hand smallest finger on Wednesday.

Jodi # 11 – Shaleen Bhanot and Daljeet Kaur:
Shaleen: Your planetary positions are very well placed and will put you in right stead throughout the competition. There are bright chances of you reaching the highest level in the show. Lady luck is with you, but try to bring more grace into your performances. Wear a copper ring in your middle finger on Sunday.

Daljeet: Your self confidence is your biggest asset in this competition which will boost your enthusiasm and bring out the best in you. Put some grains of wheat in the sea every Wednesday. 

Jodi # 12 – Abhijeet Sawant and Shilpa Sawant:
Abhijeet: Mars is not in a favorable position, so you need to put more effort for success. Offer two bananas in the Hanuman temple every Tuesday.

Shilpa: The planets in your kundali are well-placed and will help your partner too. The only advise to you is that you should be entering the stage first, and your husband should be following you. Wear a silver ring on your right hand middle finger.

Special Thanks To: Mr. Pankaj Gupta
Compiled by: Rachana Trivedi

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15 years ago

I don't have the channel, but if I did I would totally watch because some of these jodis are pretty good..and some of the guys are really hot haha

15 years ago

no offense seriously but there is no such thing as astrology

15 years ago

Megha Gupta: Aditi Shirwaikar: two best girls
i love m a

15 years ago

Lol i'll send Kapil the diamond ring as propaosal ;p

15 years ago

Kapil Nirmal ,Anjali Abrol ,Jaspal Bhatti and Savita Bhatti Are The Best Couples...Good Luck ti them...:)

15 years ago

Hope jatin and priya go very far in this competition. they are really cute

15 years ago

Hope Jatin Priya Win ...
They My Favourite

15 years ago

Sweet couples
waiting for Juhi and Sachin
Best of luck to all

15 years ago

OMG i wish Shajit & KarnTeejay go till the end. Won't mind any of them winning the show!!

15 years ago

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