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Taapsee Pannu Requests Netizens, “Please stop making Thappad all about Kabir Singh.”

Twitteraties have once again taken a dig at Kabir Singh and they believe that Tappad is a Slap to Kabir Singh. Now, Taapsee has denied making such connections and revealed her opinions about the same...


Courtesy : The Rahnuma Daily

Taapsee Pannu’s upcoming film Thappad has gobbled much attention from her fans, since the release of its trailer and it seems netizens are in awe of the actress and her film choices. The title clearly talks about the plot and it seems netizens failed to understand the perspective of the film.  

This Anubhav Sinha directorial depicts Taapsee’s character seeking a divorce from her husband after getting slapped by him at a party. The trailer has milled a lot of controversy on social media and people were reminded of Shahid Kapoor slapping Kiara Advani in Kabir Singh. Some even pointed out that the film was a tight slap to Kabir Singh. Several fans pointed the same on twitter and the situation went berserk!

In a recent media interaction, the actress was her perspective about netizens calling ‘Thappad is a tight slap to Kabir Singh’.

During the interaction with SpotboyE Taapsee revealed she is certainly not amused. She shot back, and said, “We don’t make a film to slap one another. Also, Kabir Singh was not just about slapping, so please stop making Thappad all about Kabir Singh.

We started working on this film much before that film came. Also, it’s not just Kabir Singh that normalized domestic violence. Many of our movies are guilty of that," said Taapsee. 

Taapsee clearly wants to be the torch-bearer of a change for the better. “It’s time for the narrative to change,” she asserted.

Previously, the actress had shared her opinions about Kabir Singh and she has been standing by the same. However, despite the film’s love-hate relationship with fans, Kabir Singh was a massive success at the box-office and was also condemned by a large section of the audience as a misogynistic film.

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