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Surya Sharma talks about Hostages 2, working with Ronit Roy and more

Surya Sharma played the character of Prince in the series Hostages and made a surprise return for the second season. Here's what the actor has to say about the show, response, and more.


Surya Sharma has recently shifted his gears from TV to digital entertainment and has played an exceptionally amazing role of a very complex gray character of Rinku Paaji in the crime thriller Undekhi and has got a lot of love and accolades for this web show. He was last seen in Hostages 2 and reprised his role as Prince, and the outpour continues.

We got in touch with the actor recently and spoke about all things work and the second season of the show. Read excerpts here.

How and if there was pressure to keep up with the second season? 

There was no such pressure, I feel blessed that my character is at least alive and that it will be returning to the show. Rest, I feel once you have cracked a character, it becomes easy to get back to it since you know the traits, and hence, I wasn't hesitant at all. There is a scene that seemed to be rather humiliating since my entry scene shows me lying in the garbage dump yard for 30 minutes and these are things that stay with the actor, and that is the kind of life an actor leads, it is not all things glamour.

Tell us about how you geared up for your role in Hostages 2. 

As I said earlier, it wasn't very difficult to work on the character since a lot was already defined in season 1 itself and there couldn't be any change. However, the transformation in the character that comes when he is shot and then comes back to life, he becomes a little soft-hearted and so he decides to help Prithvi out, even though he teases him a lot during the scenes, but that is the kind of attitude that Prince has. There wasn't a lot of homework that I had to do, and I am looking forward to season 3 since there is hope for the audiences as far as my character is concerned as well.

How was it shooting with the likes of Ronit Roy and Divya Dutta? 

I don't have scenes with Divya Dutta, but I am really looking forward to working with her if ever we come across a script that has the both of us. I have heard a lot about her work. I have been working with Ronit sir since season 1 and he is a very humble guy, I enjoy working with him and we already have a defined chemistry on-screen while in the second season we both know what our character graphs are. 

How is the response that you have received from your fans and applauders so far?

The response has been great so far and for my fans, this was a surprise. Ever since the trailer launched, fans were wondering and messaging how is my character alive and also asked for hints about what is coming through. When the show launched, I simply put up a photo and captioned it saying 'Ek goli se marna wala nahi main' and it was then that my fans watched the show as well and they relished watching it. Even Undekhi released recently, and the love from fans has only increased manifold with Hostages. It feels great to receive this kind of love from fans and it is true that no one can take that away from you.


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