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Surprise party for Producer Rajan Shahi !

A surprise birthday party was in store for Rajan Shahi yesterday at the 'Fever' in Malad..

Published: Wednesday,Dec 03, 2008 18:43 PM GMT-07:00
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The entire unit of Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai and Yeh Rishtha Kya Kehlata Hai surprised Rajan Shahi by organizing a birthday party for him without his knowledge, late yesterday, at ‘Fever’, a nightspot in Malad. He was brought to the party venue by some pretext and was stunned on seeing the preparations done by the members of his production house, Director’s Kut team who have been associated with him for years now!

“My initial reaction was that of shock and was actually upset, as I was in no mood of celebration, with what has been happening in the city over the last week. But my whole unit, from the actors to office people, financial team, production team were gathered there just to celebrate the occasion. And they requested that, it is their chance now to celebrate and enjoy with me. So I had to give in”, quips Rajan Shahi.

It was a great first meeting for the two families of Bidaai and Yeh Rishtha Kya Kehlata Hai(Rajan Shahi's upcoming show on Star Plus). "It was so nice to see both the units gel so well. The entire team of the new show including the actors introduced themselves to the Bidaai unit. The atmosphere was so friendly and nice, and I liked every moment of it", adds Rajan.

People who were present at the party from Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai were Sara Khan, Parul Chauhan, Kinshuk Mahajan, Angad Hasija, Alok Nath with wife, Avinash Wadhawan with wife, Ashita Dhawan, Vimarsh Roshan, Amardeep Jha, Vibha Chibber, Seema Kapoor with husband Amit, Natasha Rana with husband Deepraz Rana.

Other actors present include Lataa Sabharwal, Vishal Singh, Romit Raj, Sanjiv Seth, Kshiti Jog, Shekhar Shukla, Yatin Karyekar, Elizzea and Smriti Mohan.

Also there with her son was Rajan Shahi’s mother, Deepa Shahi. Rajan was heard acknowledging his mom's contribution in his life and was very happy with her presence. He was hears saying he is blessed to have such a wonderful mom.

The actors took to the dance floor, and Sara, Parul, Kinshuk and Angad danced as it there was no tomorrow!!

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Kavya @Bazinga 14 years ago Angad is looking hot but why is he wearing a mauve colored shirt??? That is such a girlie color. :((
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yipee @yipee 14 years ago happy bday to rajan shahi..we love u and the entire unit of bidaai
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radhika_21 @radhika_21 14 years ago thanx!
happy birthday mr. rajan shahi!
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rano- @rano- 14 years ago Happy Birthday to Mr. Rajan Shahi. All the best to him and his cast. They all are great.
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Shagun @sweet_shagun 14 years ago I saw the feature on SBS,and House Arrest..... The pictures have come out gr8... Mr Rajan Sahai, Many Many Happy Returns of The Day... Hope you have a gr8 birthday.....and Bidaai team love u all... u guys rock!!
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~*Ani*~ @~*Ani*~ 14 years ago i''ve heard how rajan shahi is always there for his actors when needed, and has done so many things for them in the past .. i think the team just wanted to do something special for him to appreciate everything he has done for them. the world doesn''t stop cos of the attacks, everyone is upset and hurt by it but i have always known that India bounces back from it all and shows the world that they will fight back and get back to their normal life .. it is soon but they can''t exactly delay his birthday can they? after everything that has happened, it''s not time to mourn about everything, it''s time to move on, u can''t change the past but u can always change the future ..
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-SalShah4eva- @-SalShah4eva- 14 years ago Happy Birthday
May GOD bless you..
huh when was u r birthday lolz mine is today
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AreYaar @AreYaar 14 years ago Did Rajan Shahi shave his head?? I thought he had more hair than that :S LOL

Anyways, wishing him a very Happy Birthday and continued success!
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Minu @-Mink- 14 years ago ahhhhh well so many ppl hv lost dere loved ones so many ppl hv died and dese ppl are enjoying in parties wat can i say? oh so mr. Rajan u didnot knw dat a party was thrown for u either u think we are fools or u are a big fool and da biddai gals + biddai boyz juz piss me off i was really upset after watching sbs i guess de forgot watever happended 6days ago

if any 1 frm da biddai team is reading my comment den i wud like to say him/her dat u all are really shameless and insensitive ppls.....

didnot expected dese frm angad and alok nath :(
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Shruti @shruti 14 years ago Happy Birthday Rajan Sir. Lovely pics. Saw the special feature on SBS & HA. Didn''t knew he had directed Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyaan!!
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