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Sunny Singh’s Quarantine Time is about Reading Theatre Scripts of his Friends

Sunny Singh is making the most of the quarantine time by ensuring that he borrows various theatre scripts from his friends and reads them...


Courtesy : Sunny Singh

Sunny Singh is an actor who made a special irreplaceable place in people’s hearts by giving varied characters on screen. One thing being in common, that all the characters are extremely relatable and made the audiences laugh. The audiences always had all smiles while leaving the theatres and truly, this makes Sunny one of the favourite actors of the audiences! 

In this current quarantine period, everyone is being as productive as possible and trying to get rid of the boredom. Sunny Singh is making the most of it by ensuring that he borrows various theatre scripts from his friends and reads them.

The benefits of this are multiple - the actor can easily get away with boredom being at home, he can easily play with various characters which in turn helps him to be better at his craft. This will also help the actor to be ready to play any role that comes his way in the future. The actor with this can also understand his potential stronger points and work on his weaker ones, making him better and better at his work. 

Sunny is truly giving us hints of how to make the perfect use of the time we have at home by doing various activities that will keep us engrossed into something.

The actor's recent song, ‘Holi Mein Rangeele’ was a super hit and one of the most-played songs on Holi. Sunny Singh had some moves that made us groove. The audiences just couldn't stop dancing! Sunny Singh was last seen in a mom-com called Jai Mummy Di.

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Sunny Singh

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