Sunaina Gulia reminisces her Brazil trip..

Sunaina Gulia talks about her Brazil trip, the exciting time she is having with her old gang in the Dill Mill Gaye sets..

Sunaina Gulia is back from her two month holiday in Brazil, but she just can't get over the euphoria of visiting the beautiful place!!

An elated Sunaina tells us, "Oh, my two month long trip was rocking in all ways. I enjoyed myself to the 'T'; managed to do surfing, gliding, rafting and other adventurous stuffs out there. I just can't stop talking about the lagoons there. I really enjoyed a lot and this has to be the best phase of my life".

Sunaina who always has an inclination to learn new languages is inspired to now learn Spanish after her tour to Brazil. "Now that I am back, I want to do two things. I want to learn Spanish language, and also want to learn the ballet form of dance (smiles)", she says.

Sunaina has not even got ample time to unpack her bags after her tour, and she has got back to the sets she loves the most, and is busy shooting for Star One's Dill Mill Gaye. "Yes, it's very exciting to be back on the show. I have been called for five days of shoot, and will be completing the shoot soon. So Dr. Anjali is shown to be back from Brazil, right in time to attend Riddhima's marriage (smiles)", she quips.

The actress is delighted to have met her old gang from the show. "We have been having a gala time at shoot. Jennifer, Atul, me and Sonia have been having a reunion of sorts on the sets. But we miss Dr. Muskaan aka Drashti Dhami. Our gang is incomplete without her, but I am happy that she is busy with her new show now".

Talking about her future plans, Sunaina tells us, "I will soon be looking for some good work. Let's see what I get".

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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misspearl77 9 years ago i love u soo much....u r the best...or jis tarah ap ne drashti ka kha ...ummmmaah...love u soo much.....
repercussion 10 years ago 20th aug07...the journey of eternal love and friendship begins similar tot he way it strted with the 1st gang ever bck in 2002 nd it lost a whole lot of actors by 2004 as well...a fresh beginning the credit for the foundations goes to all the people on the sets and nt just AR...anjali kebina where wud all the sisterly support and negativity(1st few weeks) wud have cum from without atul(hw wud we know hw to sing and feign dumbness) sapna(d sweet gujarati urban freak0 nobody even mentions her nw...who gave birth to the bg of shubhankar leter used by AN scenes...moreover armaan and ridzi's build up on the relationship strted frm the 5 of them...the old padma (shilpa tulaskar) shashank9mohnish behl) kirti 9sonia singh) shubhankar(ayaz khan) and manymore...the niforms wardboys and our most beloved sister lovely9oct1...lol atul on the bicycle and lovely behind him)...nd then it goes down the drain crashing down after kash although i'm a true kashain atlst kasu ,albeit created a totally new ambience and brought a lot more vulnerability nd seriousness leaving the daring AR bck, carried and pulled it off the responsibilty thrusted with the support of the gang...rahul nd muskaan joined sumwhere 3rd dec07...helped cultivate the differences between AR...nd nw damn one fyn day wen the show gets too boring we see them almost dead...followed by replacements who copied DMG season 1 as much as DMG season 1 copied sanjeevani- a medical boon but failed miserably...nd nw they drop the bombs ppl cum bck but recession nd paycheck cuts come in...cv's throw out atul veenn bfr atul helps AR out nd anjali disappears all over again drushti dhami reminiscences but accepts she won't b see their anymore neither does rahul-sapna nw a closed chapter- no 1 knows their fate the actors still hoping to get n answer...nd we'd see the enchating show cuming to a miserable end once again..they ruined sanjeevani wat with juhi going blind nd nw ridzi blind fr love

KaSh once said at the ...
blustokin 10 years ago Portuguese is the official language of Brazil. English, French and Spanish are also spoken. Brazil is unusual in being South America's only non-Spanish speaking country, a legacy of the Portuguese colonial past." -Worldinfozone.com
ARManVeerMriara 10 years ago nice 2 c u bk, but are u staying or is anjie only bk 2 attend her sisters wedding? missing u guys loads. dmg1 rocked all of our hearts but now, its not even worth thinking about.
anju_22595 10 years ago the old gang was the best and old masti was ultimate..................and nowadays it is soooo very boring it is better they stop the show so disgusting2010-02-21 04:49:33
angel_dmg 10 years ago the old gang means the old n goldn days of DMG. the gang includes atul,armaan,rahul,anhimanyu.ridhima,anji,niki,muski and ofcourse the great fun.kirti and the others too. pls...... get all the oldies back after all old is actually gold. all the new ones can be sidelined. ab tak to seh rahe the lekin ridhima and sid ki shaadi. dump all the new ones in dustbin agar show chalana hai toh. i don't know why has this show been named dill mill gaye
Desire33 10 years ago HOW ACN SHE FORGET KSG?
-Preeti- 10 years ago i too miss muskaan .... but sunaina shooting for 5 days so is it a guest appearance sorts?
kunwar_rey 10 years ago she din mention abt karan :(...she din say that the gang is incomplete without karan too
Meghzz 10 years ago I LOVE Anjalie and her and Atul's scenes are the only thing watchable in the show! Im just glad she came back!<3 and Aww @ the fun they have together!

and really people picking on her coz she doesnt take a person's name is really unfair and kind of stupid LOL ! like let her choose her frnds man!
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