Sumit to play cupid...

Sumit will now try to unite Ranveer and Aditi in the next twist in Kumkum...


Star Plus' Kumkum Pyaara Sa Bandhan will now see Sumit aka Hussein Kuwajerwala playing cupid to the love story of Ranveer Singh (Hiten Tejwani) and Aditi (Gauri Pradhan).

This week will see more drama with the entry of Aditi's father and bua, played by Jayant Rawal and Roma Bali respectively.

According to our source, "Kumkum and Ustaad will be in dismay as Ranveer takes away the diamond from them, and the fact that there is still no trace of Sumit leaves Kumkum shattered. They get back to the Wadhwas Dharamshala. Meanwhile, the story will focus on the past of Ranveer and Aditi, the manner in which Aditi gets into the life of Ranveer etc. As the story moves on, Ranveer will turn positive and Sumit will play a big role in uniting Ranveer and Aditi".

With Juhi away, the focus is surely on Ranveer-Aditi story and this should please viewers big time!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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Mehruhgt 11 years ago its good now tey realize waht viewers like to c .............as its ending they should wrap up everything nicely .........
teddyrumi 11 years ago ok, i guess no kumkum and sumit uniiting yet!

why must they drag it on for so long??
preeti4huju 11 years ago This content is hidden.
ArmaansGirl 11 years ago awwwww! my sumit is gonna ply cupid? how cute! :D dis is gonna rock..@least whyl juhi is awy we get 2 c ranveer-aditi luv stry! :D swt! dis is gonna b cool 2 wtch! :D
-Afeelicious- 11 years ago Awwwww wow that will be really nice...good for HGT fans
Sujata4GHT 11 years ago This content is hidden.
Jasmine... 11 years ago good for the RA fans...really happy for them :))
norzar 11 years ago hi

thanks for this

was waiting to see such a track

so su will make aditi ranvir unite

great going

looking foward to it

Cupcake4GHT 11 years ago thanks for this good news now i will be glued to the tv just to watch ranvir and additi love story i love hiten and gauri very very much
jyotika20 11 years ago it will be GRRRRR8 if they focus on ranveer-aditi as all gauri-hiten fans are dying too see their scenes together
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