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Currently, actor Anud Singh Dhaka is in buzz for his recently released ZEE5 film Once Upon Two Times and he opened up about his role and preparations in detail while chatting with India Forums.

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Anud Singh Dhaka

Actor Anud Singh Dhaka gained immense appreciation and love for his choice of projects as he paved his way in the entertainment world. Currently, the actor is in buzz for his recently released ZEE5 film Once Upon Two Times. 

Talking about the part he plays in the film, the actor says, ”I play Ahaan, a talented and gifted singer who now feels burdened by his own talent because the real world outside there is different, and he feels unnoticed. Even after struggling in the music industry for years, he hasn’t got the fame, so he wants to quit singing and start a new life by completing, MBA and joining his father’s business. However, his lady love, who has been in his life since his school days, points out that he is running away from hard work and someday he’ll give up on the relationship and will leave her also. That's when they decide to get married and the story takes a turn." 


Further talking about the preparation he did to get into the skin of the character, Anud says,” While Ahaan is a trained classical singer, I cannot sing at all. So, in order to delve deep into my character, I used to listen a lot of classical music. Apart from this, I also learned to play guitar and practiced a lot for the same. I used to spend hours listening and lip syncing to classical music and playing guitar.” Reviews always play a crucial role in an actor’s life. When asked about the kind of feedback he is receiving, Anud reveals,”The response has been so overwhelming. The audience are actually feeling connected to the story and the situations my character is going through. People are praising my performance in the film, and I am quite happy with the positive feedback.”

 Professionally, Anud is known for his performances in Taj Mahal 1989, Love J Action and Janhit Mein Jaari.

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