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Sumbul Touqeer: When I met Gashmeer for the last time, I hugged him and cried like a baby

Sumbul Touqeer aka Imlie from Imlie, spoke to India Forums about Gashmeer Mahajani's exit from the show.

Published: Tuesday,Jan 25, 2022 08:04 AM GMT-07:00
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Gashmeer and Sumbul

Gashmeer Mahajani aka Aditya Tripathi, decided to make an exit from Star Plus show Imlie over reasons not completely known to us. While there have been multiple reports about the same, the actor hasn't opened up about it just yet. A couple of days after Gashmeer's last on the sets, Sumbul Touqeer aka Imlie, took to social media as she wrote a heartfelt note for him.

As she shared some goofy photos from what looks like their last few days on the show, she wrote:  Well.....There’s no good bye or bye bye We’ll do some crazy projects together in future.....INSHALLAH

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Meanwhile, India Forums reached out to her and asked her about bidding this goodbye, and she tells us,

''For me, it is a little difficult because we have done so many nice scenes over the year, it is weird, but all I know is what he has done and the where he is, it is for his good, and I hope for him to do bigger things, I hope to get a chance to work with him because I love him as a performer, and his craft.''

We also asked her how much will she miss him after all, and she tells us, 


The last time that I met him, I stood in front of his car and hugged him and cried like a baby, I miss him a lot and will miss him and thought we are not working, but we'll be good friends, and hopefully, will work with him soon, he is an amazing performer. There are some scenes where he performs rather unexpectedly and though they are shocking, but they turn out well. We turn a page and a half scene into a three page scene but he makes it so interesting and stays in-line with the topic. Even our normal scenes come out so beautifully, so I will miss him a lot because our scenes together were something different.


Meanwhile, the show will indeed go through major creative changes in light of the actor's exit and that will pave the way for some more creativity to slide in! Fans will sure miss Gashmeer on the show, much like their favourite, Sumbul would.

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Sheldon-Cooperr 3 months ago Awww... Its very difficult for co-stars to bid goodbye to each other. They both share a lovely bond. Love Imlie alot.
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Azi_AziyaFiroz 3 months ago This friendship..this is what makes them special. This is why everyone ship AdiLie. Onscreen pairs who become offscreen beau are so common. But becoming offscreen BFFs which fans also love more is something very very rare. Proud to be an AdiLien/SuMeerian
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-RD- 3 months ago Gashmeer - Sumbul bond 🧿❤
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akipog 3 months ago SuMeer wat a pristine bond u guys share touchwood. I'm always against offscreen shipping as it turns out extremely toxic but these 2 made me think otherwise these 2 r d perfect definition of mentor mentee bffs. I would definitely love 2 c d 2 on a webshow or movie where their chem nd acting gets fully utilized nd most imp no perennial 3rd angle this time. Plz cast these 2 power houses of talent 2gether. Adilie looked so natural and realistic coz of u too. Sumeer nazar na lage aap donon ki dostiko ♥️
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SundariP 3 months ago No greater bond than friendship.
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lovereading14 3 months ago As much as I am glad for the track change... it is great to see that they shared such an amazing bond on set!
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