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Sujata traps Menka, gets her arrested...

Sony's Sujata will see high drama coupled with emotion as Menka falls into Sujata's trap.

Published: Saturday,Aug 23, 2008 14:58 PM GMT-06:00
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Sujata is completely shattered by what she saw - Veeresh in Menka's arms! Her regret & pain is that she always believed that Veeresh only loved her and she was the only woman in his life. No amount of explanation could console her. Her mother-in-law, her daughter everyone is with her but her trauma and anguish is irreparable.

Sujata traps Menka, gets her arrested...
A distraught Veeresh finally declares in front of Sujata that he is leaving home and going to Menka since Sujata & the family are not ready to forgive him. This was the moment Menka was waiting for. She is very happy to see Veeresh who informs her that he is divorcing Sujata. In the meantime Sujata reaches Menka's house. Menka is so sure of Veeresh's decision that in between her conversation she owns up in front of Sujata & Veeresh that she avenged Veeresh with a faulty allegation of rape. Little does Menka know that this was a trap set by Sujata & Veeresh to instigate her to speak up the truth? The cops who were present there hear Menka's confession & arrest her.

Saara, Sam & Rukmani are hoping that Veeresh & Sujata will patch up & they can get them married again. In the meantime MD Shah, Veeresh's father, learns about Veeresh's bankruptcy. He arrives at Veeresh's house & discloses about Veeresh's bankruptcy in front of the entire family & throws an offer at Veeresh. He tells Veeresh that if he leaves Sujata he will restore all his lost fame, money & glory. Rukmani, Sam, Saara & Sujata are aghast to learn the truth.

According to the prediction it is Sujata's last day – it's the 20th day of the prophecy & there is a janamashtmi pooja. Sujata sees Veeresh pleading to a financier who takes this opportunity to humiliate him. Seeing Veeresh's helpless situation Sujata is determined to save him before she dies! Sujata leaves the pooja & meets MD Shah… Will Sujata be able to win over MD Shah?

There's drama, emotion, anger… Stay tuned to Sujata from August 25 - 28, Monday to Thursday, at 10.00 p.m on Sony Entertainment Television.

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sallu_lover @sallu_lover 15 years ago wow thats awesome that menka is in jail now
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SushaanManeet @SushaanManeet 15 years ago dis is exciting....thx!!

..i feel bad for suajata...menaka is at right place now

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xxMATSxx @RosyRosh 15 years ago Awww thats sooo upseting! But I still dont think Sujata is gonna die..I think this is what was meant by the prophecy that she will loose her identity as Sujata Veeresh Shah..
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Natalie Abraham @-DulceMaria- 15 years ago gr88 news, hope Menka's out of picture now.
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