Suhani's death and resurrection on Swarg?

The buzz is that Suhani will soon die in Colors’ Swarg only to return back from the dead a few days later…

Color's and Rajan Shahi's Maat Pitaah Ke Charon Mein Swarg saw Arjun killing his own mother Yashoda   (Jyoti Gauba) in the Maha Episode shown last Saturday.

The high voltage drama in the show continues this week too, as Arjun now aim to capture Suhani i.e Archana Taide again, so that he get more money from Shubh (Pracheen Chauhan).

Accoridng to our source, "As shown in Saturday episode, Arjun has killed Madhukar and Yashoda and is now running behind Suhani to catch her. Suhani gets into a temple to hide from Arjun. On tonight's episode she will be seen escaping from Arjun's clutches again. In the process Suhani will be shown falling off a cliff."

This sequence will be aired in tonight and tomorrow's episode.

The buzz is that however Suhani will come back from the dead ...albeit with a  new face.

"Archana Taide is surely out of the show with Suhani falling from the cliff but, the production house and channel have plans to bring back Suhani with a new face and identity. Talks are going, on and in all probability the show will soon take a 6 month – 1 year leap and that is when the new Suhani will make her entry. Also, not much is decided about Arjun's future but it seems that he will run away and will not be caught by police," informs our source.

Nikkhil Chaddha told us, "Yes Suhani will fall from the cliff but this wasn't what Arjun intended. This happens by accident. As of now I am not aware if the future story track."

We called Archana Taide  but she remained unavailable for comments.

We also tried contacting Rajan Shahi and even sent him a text message but he did not respond.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (24)

i thought Rajan Shahi's shows were DIFFERENT!!( or so his fans claimed) hahaha... but i guess he can't help but follow's ekta's ideas... lOL

14 years ago

I really thought this Ekta formula will not be followed by Rajan Shahi's team as this show had nothing out of the blue its narration of the story was so sensible but this is so not happening??? wish the makers think before taking such a step...

14 years ago

just last week there was a death now another one just to return back later on?
wat kind of drame baaz show is this?

14 years ago

Ohh God is there any positivity going to happen in serial..

14 years ago


14 years ago

OMG ???
Why are u lefting this show .?

14 years ago

i cant even express my disgust! a new face? Im about to cry! RS I just feel disgusted in u!

14 years ago

Oh..! My GOD....!!! NOOOoooooo......
ARCHANA Please dont gooooo... Please we want only u as SUHANI....! if ur leaving the show then am not gonna watch it... i liked u sooo much... :-( :-(

N where is the story going anyway..! its just the typical MARKE WAPAS plastic surgery karke different face lekar ana.. ITs such a CLICHE....! GROW UP people.. we want something new...!

14 years ago

6 months or a year is not a big leap
lets see

14 years ago

this was more like a hollywood movie...well based on our indian Amrit Jal's wiered how people luv hollywood movies based on their american or british beliefs, and when they try to make COOL like this in bollywood based on indian beliefs, people dun like it:-p I find that kinda WIERED about people

15 years ago

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