Suhani ka Swayamvar on Star Plus...

Watch the stunt filled Swayamvar of Suhani where Shaurya makes a heroic entry and takes Suhani along with him...

It's been a rather rough and tough time for Saurabh Pandey and Sriti Jha (Shaurya and Suhani) as they have been continuously shooting for a very important sequence for their Star Plus show, Shaurya aur Suhani.

It's Suhani's Swayamavar where she is just about to put the Varmala on a prince who her father Takshak has forcefully asked her to, and Shaurya enters the swayamvar out of no where and takes her away in front of everyone…

Talking about his heroic entry and experience, Saurabh says, "Its not easy to be an actor, especially when it comes to demanding action sequences…The story is going fast paced right now and the swayamvar sequence has been quite hectic to shoot. I had to jump from the roof top with harness tied to my body, and doing the stunt again and again, you really get exhausted at the end of the day, and despite several rehearsals and precautionary measures being taken something or the other goes wrong. I got hit by a sword on my head, thankfully it was a dummy sword. But at the end of the day when you finally get to see it on air all the physical exertion one goes through just vanishes and it really feels good…"

On the other hand Sriti says, "It's been really tough for the past few days…but we understand that it's a huge sequence and requires a lot of effort from our side. I am happy because finally I also had a brief stint with stunts in the show. All this while Saurabh has been the one boasting about his stunt,s but I am happy I also got a chance to be part of some action, the best part was when Shaurya holds Suhani and they both elope from the palace through the roof. I was tied with the harness and every time I went up in the air it felt scary but at the same time I feel it was a wonderful experience…"

However, the bride did have a tough time managing her heavy dress. "I just have one complaint though, my Swayamvar costume was rather heavy and it became really difficult at times to do the stunts. The costume was so beautiful that every girl would like to wear it but every morning as I sat in my make-up room, I used to wonder why can't Shaurya come and save the girl before she gets decked in her bridal dress" and she bursts out laughing…

Watch out the Swayamvar full of stunts tomorrow at 8 PM on Star Plus

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Comments (8)

I miss them saurabh sriti wass one of my fav jodi :(

11 years ago

she looks so pretty
would b looking forward to this one

14 years ago

wowwwwwwwww i'm sooooooooo excited!!!thnx alot!!i luv thus soap!!!!!

14 years ago

cool. this swayamvar reminds me of prithviraj chauhan.
shaurya and suhani look very good together.waiting 4 this episode

14 years ago

Swayamvar ke beech mein se uthake le jaana reminds a lot of Prithviraj Chauhan!!!

14 years ago

wow yaar they both looks ausome cant wait

14 years ago

why does this remind me of PRC...? didnt he like do almost the same thing...? i mean, prithvi also uthao-ed sanyogita from her svayamvar in front of everyone right??

14 years ago

AWWWW! so sweet!! Can't wait to see tonight's episode!! so Shaurya saves Suhani!! Yaye!! This show truly rocks!! Lov this couple!!

14 years ago

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