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When it comes to dressing up, what turns this classy lady on? Lets find out...


From the mini skirt sporting spoiled brat in Ghar Ek Mandir, to the perennially sari clad vamp 'Pallavi bhabhi' in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, to dancing into the hearts of millions with her handsome hubby Manav in Nach Baliye 2, this tall lass has carved a niche for herself in Tellywood. With her serial Kumkum ,which has finished 1000 episodes, she proved that she’s one of the best in the tinsel town of soaps! Oh yes,no prizes for guessing, we are talking about none other than the classy Shweta Kwatra!

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Having a tête-a-tête with this captivating artiste, she gives a peek-a-boo about her favourite accessories which are close to her heart!

So Shweta,what is your definition about Style?

Style to me means comfort. No matter what I wear, it has to be comfortable.

What’s your most expensive outfit you have ever bought?

Most expensive…Hummm…Well I guess it has to be a jacket which I bought it from . It cost me a bomb but I still bought it and I love it!

What’s currently on your accessories stand?

I mostly have earings and rings, all kinds. I love those..

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Who’s your favourite Indian Designer?

I absolutely swear by Reza Sharifi! Reza designed for me in nach baliye and there is no one else I can turn to if I have to get something special.

And your Favourite International Brand?

Zara and Express. They make the most comfortable westerns and always have something which fits me.

What’s your favourite Screen outfit?

Saris. You look elegant and classy in them.

What are your turn on’s

Anything on a good body turns me on while
Turn off:
An Aramani suit on a beer belly is a sure turnoff!

How do you feel when you are appreciated for you dressing style.

I feel reconfirmed. I feel good that I am being appreciated for my own choice .
On a funny note, we ask her a question:

If given a chance whom would you design for in the tinsel town?

Malika Sherawat!! She hardly wears anything. If I design for her she would atleast wear something!

This was the vivacious Shweta revealing her styling secrets! Signing off till next week when we meet with another Fashion freak!
Reporter: Minnie Gupta
Contact author: Minnie, diyafah


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Pori 12 years ago i alwaiz liked her stylee
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ajeebhotum 13 years ago She looks very nice :)

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fm05 13 years ago Thanks, Shweta's pretty and her costumes on Nach were nice. She looks very classy in Saris because she is tall and slender.
-DulceMaria- 13 years ago thanx for the article.
i wonder how will mallika take her comment.
diyafah 13 years ago Woopse..that was a small error made by me!!so sry rich mich =(
Rozzzy123 13 years ago Hey Reza Sharifi ia male designer.Why's she saying 'she'?He has designed clothes for shilpa shetty,priyanks chopra,etc.
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