Star Plus Aankh Micholi to go off air on This Date

Insiders close to the production have hinted that "Aankh Micholi" could potentially air its last episode on April 23rd if the low ratings continue

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Aankh Micholi
Aankh Micholi. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

Star Plus's recently launched series "Aankh Micholi" is struggling to attract viewers and maintain satisfactory TRP ratings despite the best efforts of its makers. Rumours are circulating that the show might go off air due to its lacklustre performance.

Insiders close to the production have hinted that "Aankh Micholi" could potentially air its last episode on April 23rd if the low ratings continue. This speculation comes from sources within the channel, although there has been no official confirmation of the show's conclusion.

During a recent interview with a leading entertainment portal, Khushi Dubey, the show's lead actress, commented on the rumours about its potential cancellation. She mentioned that the cast and crew have not received any formal notice yet, but she acknowledged the show's poor performance in the ratings chart, which might lead to its early wrap-up.

"Aankh Micholi" explores the unique journey of Rukmini, an IPS officer who ends up marrying a tea stall owner. The show delves into the challenges and dynamics of their unconventional relationship. The show features Khushi Dubey and Navneet Malik in the lead roles and is produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions. Despite the intriguing premise and strong production values, the series has struggled to resonate with the audience, casting uncertainty on its future on air.

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Boring shows like 'strings of love' for Sahiba and Angad are still around. But this one that looks like it has a lot of potential, they want to remove it off air 🤦‍♀️
Even that one for Suraj and Deepa is still around even when it has lost it's plot and soul 🥱

1 months ago

Pls how can one rate a show....we are from Africa, we are following up the show and we will like to rate it

1 months ago

I love this show....they should give it time to pick up...too early to rap up the show.

1 months ago

The story had a lot of potential and it would have been charming and enjoyable if instead of the current drama they would have shown us Rukmini's undercover and Sumedh supporting her albeit unknowingly... The Malhar triangle could have been avoided but even then they could have saved the show by showing Malhar in link with the villain and maybe Rukmini could have saved the family and Malhar could have been killed at the end

1 months ago

Still has potential to revive - if they focus on rukmini undercover story with a bit humor and support from kesarba !!

1 months ago

This show has potential. The actor playing malhar is doing great in gay/ negative role. They could have really shown Rukmini’s career journey in parallel to strengthening Rukmini- Sumedh relationship.

1 months ago

If the old woman would not got all these screen space from episode 1 she’s only dominating may be it would have been something else with the FL dream coming true.

1 months ago

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