Star Bharat's Jiji Maa to TAKE a Leap!

And by leap, we don't mean leap of faith...

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Star Bharat's show Jiji Maa is one of its popular show which has been entertaining the audiences with its interesting story and some amazing performances.

Now, the show is all set to start a new journey. Yes, you read it right, the show will soon head for a leap.

According to reports, The popular daily will take a 7 years leap and the show will see a new storyline post leap.

Jiji Maa is a family drama airs on Star Bharat, produced under the banner Jay Productions. The show is the official remake of Telugu soap opera, Lakshmi Kalyanam.

The story revolves around two sisters Falguni and Niyati, Falguni is a simple girl, who is full of love and is always ready for sacrificing her happiness for Niyati while, the antagonist, Uttara Devi, wreaks havoc in her life.

The show features Tanvi Dogra, Dishank Arora, Pallavi Pradhan, Bhavika Sharma, Rajev Paul, Shubhashish Jha in primary roles.

The viewers can look forward to some more twists and turns with the leap, are you excited for the leap? Drop in your comments below.

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Rajev Paul

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Dishank Arora

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Shubhashish Jha

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Tanvi Dogra

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Pallavi Pradhan

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Jiji Maa

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Star Bharat

Comments (2)

Instead of leap they should have ended the show...Fed up with Uttara Devi as if there's nothing else to show except from her in this show... Male lead is good for nothing. the brother Vidhaan is better in every aspects than him.

5 years ago

Leap always works when there is no story left!!!

5 years ago

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